Ritual Magick


The purpose of the ritual is to bring the individual into closer contact with the Godhead/Spirit/God and Goddess. It can also be used as a minor dedication, when a person who desires dedication has no one who can dedicate him/her. This self blessing ritual may also be used as a minor exorcism, to banish any negative influences which may have formed around the person. It may be performed by any person upon himself, and at his desire.

This ritual should be performed during the New Moon (at least when the moon is waxing) , but it is not limited to that phase. Need, not season, determines the performance.

There is real power in the Self Blessing; it should not be used other than in time of need and should not be done promiscuously.

Perform this ritual in a quiet place, free from distraction, and nude. You will need the following:

1. Salt, about one quarter teaspon

2. Wine, about an ounce.

3. Water, abut one-half ounce.

4. Candle, votive or other.

The result of the ritual is a feeling of peace and calm. It is desirable that the participant bask in the afterglow so that he may meditate and understand that he has called the attention of the Godhead to himself, asking to grow closer to the Godhead in both goals and in wisdom.

When you are ready to begin, sprinkle the salt on the floor and stand on it, lighting the candle. Let the warmth of the candle be absorbed into the body. Mis the water into the wine, meditating upon your reasons for performing the self blessing.

Read the following aloud:

Bless me, mother, for I am your child.

Dip the fingers of the right hand into the mixed water and wine and annoint the eyes,

Blessed be my eyes, that I may see your path.

Annoint the nose,

Blessed be my nose, that I may breathe your essence.

Annoint the mouth,

Blessed be my mouth, that I may speak of you.

Annoint the breasts,

Blessed be my breast, that I may be faithful in my work.

Annoint the loins,

Blessed be my loins, which bring forth the life of men and women as you have brought forth all creation.

Annoint the feet,

Blessed be my feet, that I may walk in your ways.

Remain…and mediate for a while

Note: Although this is probably as basic as dedication can get, this nevertheless is very useful even if only used for banishment of negativity.

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