Hermetic Principles

Seven Hermetic Principles

The Principle of Polarity

This principle shows us that everything is relative to something else—all things have an opposite, and all things are dual. Poverty is at one end of the scale and wealth is at the other. Also, here is a big mystery for you to wrap your mind around: each of the opposite characteristics contains the essence of the other; the best example of this thought is the yin and yang symbol. There can be poverty in

wealth—someone may have every expensive and fancy item that they could dream of, yet they could be miserably alone and poor in true friends—just as there could be wealth in poverty. Someone considered to be living in poverty

may feel very fortunate and incredibly blessed simply to be alive and have their family with them.

Opposites do create balance. As Witches, we are walkers between the worlds, searching and exploring the balance between the two extremes at all times. With opposites being identical in nature but different in degrees, it is these subtle

shades that we cultivate and work our magick with.

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