Candle Magick

Signs from candle-burning

Not every magical practitioner takes heed of
the manner in which spell-casting or ritual
candles burn; there is often a great deal to be
learnt from understanding a little bit more
about how to interpret the way a candle burns.
In voodoo and Afro-Caribbean magic, for
instance, spiritual workers who ‘set lights’, as it
is called, for clients will automatically take
notice of such details and incorporate their
findings in any further work.
It is worth remembering that some candles
are simply poorly made and will burn badly no
matter what you do with them. If the wick is
the wrong size, for instance, the candle may be
no use for magical work. It is nice to make one’s
own candles, although there is quite an art to it
and the novice may end up feeling rather
frustrated, if the intention behind the candle is
not quite right.

External factors can also play a huge part in
how candles burn. The way the candle is placed
in the holder, the temperature in the
surrounding area, an open window causing a
draught, and other such things can all make a
difference. Equally, the candle can be affected by
your own mood and really until you have
learned how to meditate using a candle flame
you need not worry too much to begin with. All
that having been said, here are some of the
things to watch for when burning candles

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