Spell: Personal Eleusinian Mystery

There are conflicting tales of the content of the Eleusinian mysteries, the initiation rites held every year for the cult of Demeter and Persephone. Dates are also in dispute, although the rituals were generally thought to take place over nine days in late September.

To help you decide where you need renewal, create a personal Eleusinian mystery that begins today. You can extend and deepen it each year. You will need your journal and thirty minutes of uninterrupted time.

Follow your breath into a meditative state, going deep into your own personal cave of experience, emotion, and intuition. Find the light in your soul that burns brightly. Focus on that.

What part of you needs renewal? Think of something you want to keep, not release. What small step can you take now toward that goal?

After your meditation, write in your journal. Track your progress. Next year, take time to build on this year’s work.

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