Angel Magick

The 48 Keys/Calls to the Watchtowers

There are 48 “Calls” or “Keys” that open the gates of these “astral residences.” These are symbolically represented by a large letter square. It is divided into four parts by a large cross, called “The Black Cross” by Dee. These four quadrants are called the Watchtowers. You are able to access 12 astral cities through each Watchtower. The Watchers are the angels who live in these astral cities. In order for the angels to leave their cities and enter human consciousness the gates to the Watchtowers must be opened. Each city is represented in the table by a set of letters in numerical and geometric pattern. The four Watchtowers guard the 4 extremities of the universe. These Watchtowers are said to have been formed at the time Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. The Watchtowers contain all human knowledge and command the elemental spirits. They are said to also have the power of the transformation of things. They hold the secrets to all of mankind.

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