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The Magic of the Divine Masculine

Today’s “culture” (look up the etymology) invests so much time and energy toxifying masculinity, that the balance needs to be redressed.

What do YOU think…?

“The Magic of the Divine Masculine:

What is divine masculine energy?

Divine masculine energy is the energy of the universe that is responsible for manifestation. It is the active, creative force that brings essence into form. In other words, it is the “do-er” energy. Divine masculine energy is often associated with qualities such as strength, protectiveness, and assertiveness. This energy can be channeled in many different ways, but it is ultimately about embodying these qualities in a way that is authentic and helpful to others.

In its highest form, the divine masculine embodies wisdom, compassion, and strength. It can also manifest as assertiveness and someone that goes after what they wants without being forceful or aggressive.

In the spiritual awakening process, the Divine Masculine can represent the energies of transformation and healing.

When awakening the Divine Masculine look to the gods of all the pantheon to find the archetype of the Divine Masculine, for they are often to whom we look to for guidance and answers for balance

The following part is adapted from an article by Lonewolfer on Divine Masculine energy 2018

If boys are brought up with the belief to suppress their own divine feminine energy, their intuition, their creativity, being connected to the flow of things and love leads to a lack of understanding that Divine Masculine energy is as important as the Divine Feminine energy

Both men and women need both for balance

Society has created a division of this polarity which has created a society in decline

The truth is that no man will ever be complete without his Divine Feminine

And no woman can be complete without the Divine Masculine

So you see this applies to the energies within him and his Divine Feminine partner in life.

Modern society is built upon the idea of separation and competition

This means that everyone’s belief system is based upon the thought that they are supposed to „make it alone“, to be better than someone or have more. This belief system has been proven to be wrong.

His Creation Powers – A natural force of nature

A man, firm in his Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, can build anything in this 3D world without competing with anyone, because he is the creation force. He must embrace both energies in order to build empires for him and his Divine Feminine partner. If his mind is rooted in competition and separation, he will not become whole within, and hence never reach the level of consciousness necessary to build his empire in 3D.

However, one thing must be said: A competitive mind can build empires in 3D as well, but remember that this journey will be paved with suffering and pain for himself, his family and everyone involved. A man, rooted in competition, will never create but rather take away from others, hence making others suffer, hence making himself suffer. Nothing will ever be enough. He thrives to have more and more. Notice that his desires are purely external factors, e.g. more money, more fame, more attention.

Men who suppress their Divine Feminine energies are crippled in their ability to become whole, to trully live their life in abundance and to build a life together, with their Divine Feminine partners

Divine Masculine: 10 Ways to Awaken Your Inner Shiva

Adapted from an article by Aleithiea Jan 15, 2024

Divine Masculine energy is something we all possess, no matter what gender (or lack thereof) we are. Also known as yang, shiva, or solar energy, the Divine Masculine is ruled by the elements of sun (fire) and sky (air).

As the sacred counterpart of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine is an active force that is responsible for order, structure, passion, willpower, and courage.

1- Examine your wounds surrounding the Masculine

2- Take self-responsibility Look after yourself. Own your actions, stop seeing yourself as a victim

3- Contact your inner FatherWe all possess many sides of our nature known as inner parts or subpersonalities. Psychologist Carl Jung called the different faces of our psyches, The Father is a universal archetype that we all carry inside, regardless of whether we’re male or female

4- Deconstruct your conditioning

What have you been conditioned to believe about “what it means to be a man”?

5- Find a masculine teacher/guide/figure you admire

6- connect with your inner warrior

Your inner Warrior isn’t interested in dominating, killing others, or “fighting for peace.” Your inner Warrior supports and protects you. He takes no bullshit. He will defend your rights peacefully but assertively. He will cut through the lies and see with clarity. He values truth, courage and inner strength

7- be assertive and stick up for yourself, of you are introverted or quiet you may find this difficult

Take little steps towards the courage needed and that is somewhere inside of you

8- show self confidence

Straighten up, improving your posture will help to send biological signals to your brain that you’re confident, calm, and secure in yourself. This is an amazingly simple way to get in touch with your Divine Masculine side.

9- stop being passive, instead be an active participation

Become a giver in relationships

10- work with nature

Spend time in nature. Observe how male birds, dogs, and other animals in your surroundings behave. Reconnecting with primal masculine energy can teach us a lot about the true nature of the Divine Masculine.”

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