Moon Magick


As the moon makes her way through the zodiac, she stops and visits each sign for a spell, spending a couple of days in each of their homes and with their unique energies. She is influenced by these energies, and the way she expresses herself adapts to the sign she is in.

She has been on the road for 30 days now, making her way through the entire zodiac. By the time she arrives at the sign of Gemini, she is full….a bit tired from her travels, and ready to let go of some of the baggage she has picked up along the way.

As she taps on the door of Gemini, she is greeted by the owner of the home, Mercury himself. He looks at her inquisitively, tugging on his glasses to see her better. He introduces himself, but she already knows who this god is: this traveler of the upper and lower worlds, bearer of messages, and facilitator of communications. He welcomes our moon inside and notices immediately that she is carrying quite a heavy load. He ushers her to the kitchen table and offers her a cup of tea, chatting about nothing as he prepares it. The moon looks around and is overwhelmed by the number of bookshelves this man has in his home, each overflowing with literature. Has he read them all?… she wonders. In another part of the room, she sees a display wall that contains what must be an original antique telephone, a telegraph machine, a quill pen, a computer, old letters, and…is that a fax machine? She recognizes these as the tools he has used throughout the years and comments on how beautiful they all are. Mercury looks fondly at them and says, “Thank you.”

He brings the moon her tea and takes a seat next to her at the table. “Talk to me,” he says. “Tell me what it is you are needing to let go of?” Usually more introverted and private, the moon hesitates…but there is something about being in this house with this god that makes her want to open up and tell all. So she does. She tells Mercury of her travels through the other eleven houses and how each one required her to use a different piece of her energy. She told of which ones she liked the most, where she got the most rest, and where she felt the most out of place. She shared the things that were holding her back the most and what stresses she was currently carrying. Mercury listened intently and encouraged her to continue. Once Lady Luna had said all the things she needed to, Mercury smiled, made a witty comment about how much lighter she looked already, and then set out to help her find solutions. He had been taking notes and had a plan. It was her turn to listen now as this intelligent god shared his ideas, introduced her to solutions, and re-framed her struggles.

Mercury and the Moon spent most of their time together this way, sharing and communicating with each other about everything under the sun. When she hugged Mercury goodbye a few days later, she felt like she had talked more in two days than she had all month, and she realized this was just the medicine she needed. Gemini was a retreat of a different kind, the kind that encouraged a verbal expression of her emotions and a new perspective on her path.

The moon walked away from the house of Mercury lighter, leaving behind what she had carried in, and set off to begin her retreat back into darkness.

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