Folk Magick

The Verdanthrope

In the deep recesses of the forest, a tale whispered by ancient trees and dreaded even by the shadows unfolded. The Verdanthrope — a creature carved from moss, branches, and the dark secrets of the woods — was more than mere legend. It was a dire warning.

Barely twice the height of a man, its unassuming size masked its sheer power and dread. Wherever humanity’s greed reached, encroaching upon nature’s sanctum, the Verdanthrope responded not just to those with the axe but to those who whispered orders in gilded halls, sealing nature’s fate with ink and parchment.

Villagers shared hushed tales of decision-makers who, after endorsing vast clearings, vanished from their opulent homes, leaving rooms filled with an eerie cold and the faint scent of moss. The Verdanthrope didn’t simply target. It stalked, blending seamlessly with nature, watching, waiting before it unleashed its dread.

“It doesn’t attack,” a shaken foreman once muttered, “It absorbs. You’re there one moment, and then… engulfed in green, lost to the forest.” Whispers spread of its ability to manipulate shadows, making the very forest come alive, turning every rustle, every creak into a harbinger of doom.

Its presence was a pulsating fear. While no one had seen it in its full terror, its silhouette, eerily human but wreathed in twisted branches, haunted dreams. Those who felt its presence spoke of a paralysing dread, the chilling realisation of being watched by eyes unseen but always felt.

Yet, beyond the terror it evoked lay an undeniable truth: The Verdanthrope was the forest’s last line of defence, a protector born from the heart of nature. It was a living testament to the price of disturbing the delicate balance. For in its silent watch, it bore a message — respect the balance, or face the verdant wrath of the forest’s guardian

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