To Honor Shadow Work ..

Salt Balance Spell
As we know Shadow work involves spells ro adjust ( or honor) our not so positive qualities. You know like speaking sharply or just not letting something that irritat
es us go including And that emotional pain! In doing this work, we have to accept that, this part of it holds value and purpose! And yes this is not considered enjoyable ( at least to me). But Shadow work is ideal during times of balance – the equinoxes- when our world’s own light and darkness are able to achieve a strong, yet still malleable balance.
Coarse white Sea Salt
Black Lava Salt
Gray Salt
Three small bowl ( one for each salt)
Glass bowl with water in it
Place the bowl of water and each salt filled bowl in front of you.
With each of the following lines from the spell, sprinkle a pinch of salt of in the water. Going from BLACK to GRAY, to WHITE to GRAY and back to BLACK again. Repeat the cycle, with the LAST LINE dedicated to a last sprinkle of GRAY, sealing the meld of black and white.
Here are the lines you need to speak:
The embers fight the nightly chill
The kind that comes when life is still
It sits in the Chambers of the heart and the hearth
It’s battle made manifest on the grounds of this earth
They strike a cease-fire; an ancient truce
To acknowledge their facets and their positive use
A delicate balance of the highest self
and the pain that resides in the deepest of wells
We honor the dark wind, with bright embers upon it
For even honey and vinegar make a strong , stable tonic.
* pour a little of the water at the four cardinal directions of your home until all the water has been poured out

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