Untwisting Spell

This spell helps to straighten out someone who is all
screwed up. You can cast it for yourself or for someone who
has asked you for magickal help. Be sure to have permission
before casting this spell for anyone, and remember that
magick is not a substitute for therapy, medical care, or
ending a violent relationship.
This spell can be cast at any time, but it is most powerful
when cast on the night of a Full Moon (use a calendar to
time it). You will need:
an onion
a sharp kitchen knife
a spiral candle, preferably a taper (You will be naming
this candle for the person to be untwisted, so choose
whatever color candle seems appropriate to you for
this person—or use a white candle. You can find
spiral tapers in housewares shops.)
an essential oil or other concentrated liquid form of
an herb or flower, such as pure vanilla extract (The
oil, or whatever you are substituting for it, should
also be appropriate to the person for whom the spell
is to be cast, such as a plant that you associate with
the person or with his or her problem.)
a dishcloth or paper towel
Dress the candle at least one day before you cast the spell.
Assemble the candle, the oil, and the knife in a place where
you can work calmly and without interruption. Create sacred
space around the area.
Turn the candle wick-down over a cloth or paper towel.
Cut away the wax at the bottom of the candle, until the wick
is exposed on that side. Focus on the person to be
untwisted. Hold the inverted candle and say:
I name this candle for . You must believe that this candle now represents that person, or the spell will not work properly. Open the bottle of oil, or whatever you are substituting for it. Use your receptive hand to hold the bottom of the candle and slowly turn it widdershins as you drip the oil onto it with your projective hand. Allow the oil to spiral downward, following the grooves in the candle from the bottom to its tip. As you do this, concentrate on the person and exactly how and why you think that he or she is “screwed up.” The candle will drip, so be sure to have a cloth or paper towel beneath it. Leave the candle in a safe place, such as on your altar, to dry overnight. It should have flecks of dried oil all over it the next day. Put the candle in a holder, upside down. You can cast the spell immediately, or leave the dressed candle on your altar until you are ready for the spell. The Spell Put the candle, knife, and onion on your altar or other working surface. Get into a magickal mood, and create sacred space around the area. Focus on the person who needs to be untwisted. Hold the onion while you do this, and visualize it as that person. You must believe that the onion now represents her or him. Raise power and say: Onion, I name you .
As I cut away this skin,
I make you ready for transformation.
I remove your resistance to it.
Raise power. Cut the skin from the onion, then light the
candle. Begin to cut into the onion, carefully peeling away
layer after layer until you come to the bulb at its center. Take
your time, and concentrate on the person while you do this,
naming your purpose aloud as you go. Say whatever feels
appropriate, such as “I cut away your negativity,” or “I
remove those who have negative influence over you.” If you
find any diseased spots in the onion, think of it as psychic
surgery as you carefully excise them. Keep going until you
reach the bulb at the center of the onion. Visualize it as the
core of the person.
Some onions have a double bulb, with a smaller bulb
attached to the main one. One way to interpret this, if you
encounter a double bulb while casting this spell, is to see
the smaller bulb as representing someone (such as an
energy vampire— a person who sucks the life energy out of
others) or something (such as an addiction or a bad habit)
negative that has become attached to the person for whom
the spell is being cast. Remove the small bulb if you find one
by very carefully cutting it away without damaging the main
Throw away all the cut-off parts of the onion, wash your
hands and the knife, and clean the surface where you
worked. The candle should still be burning, with the onion
bulb in front of it. Focus on the candle. Make it the person
whom you are trying to help. Imagine that the candle
untwists the person as it burns. Raise the power higher, and
Do not resist me as I untwist thee,
do not resist me as I untwist thee.
Repeat this as many times as feel necessary, while you
watch the candle burn down completely. Hold your hands
near the candle, close but not touching it, if this will help
you to concentrate. Focus on exactly what you mean by
We can be wrong about what we think will help other
people, and even wrong about what will help ourselves. To
avoid imposing your will on the person or trying to manifest
a result that is not needed, ask the Goddess to untwist the
person in whatever way would be best. Ground the power
that you raised.
The onion peelings represent all that was wrong with him
or her, so get them out of your house immediately after the
candle finishes burning. Once you have done that, set the
onion bulb on a windowsill or in some other place where the
morning Sun will reach it. Tell it (the person) that he or she
will be reborn with the Sun in the morning and that
everything is going to be all right.
The last time that I cast this spell, I put the onion bulb on
a small glass dish and made a circle of clear quartz crystals
and dried red roses around it. I did that because it felt right
to me for the person and for the working. I left it overnight
atop my pentacle, on a windowsill. You can arrange
whatever feels right to you for the onion, or simply leave it
there alone.
Plant the onion bulb the next day. Do this indoors if the
earth is too cold to plant it outside. This act will serve to
ground the power you raised. If the onion happens to take
root and bloom, that is a wonderful sign that the spell has
This spell should work within a few days, even if the onion
simply withers in the ground. The person for whom it is cast
may experience a sudden and dramatic change for the better,
or he or she may begin to gradually improve.
Two or more witches, each working alone at home, can cast
this spell at the same time for the same person.

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