What is a Spell?

IN ANCIENT PAGAN communities the elders, or
wise ones, had, by their very experience, an
awareness of custom and a firm grasp of
what had previously worked when trying to
gain control over Mother Nature and other
powers they did not fully understand. They
had access to certain knowledge (and therefore
power) that was not readily available to the
ordinary individual.
The ancients recognized that words spoken in a
certain way, according to custom, seemed to have
more of an effect than those spoken on the spur
of the moment. As a consequence, their words
would have more power, yet the same words
spoken by the uninitiated or those who did not
understand,did not seem to have the same result.
There are three important aspects when
reciting a spell. The first is that words spoken
with intensity and passion do have a power all
of their own. The next is that the speaker also
has a power and an energy which, with
practice, he or she may learn to use effectively.
The third component, the forces and powers
belonging to that which is ‘beyond the human
being’ also have a tremendous power and are
called upon, used or directed for a specific
purpose. The use of all three of these aspects
gives a very powerful spell indeed.
There are several kinds of spell, each of which
requires a different approach.

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