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Witchcraft is Not a Religion

Witchcraft is not a religion. Witchcraft is an Essence formed out of it’s own Shadow, and it’s only calling is to protect everything that relies on it for Balance, in whatever manner is deemed necessary.

Witchcraft has Practitioners, not followers, and those people worship nothing, they WORK WITH everything.

Witchcraft has no laws, no boundaries, and no rules. A Witch might have many Gods names on his or her lips for the same thing, just varying degrees. For example, when the storm is exciting I will thank Thor for the show, and when it is all thunder and no party I will ask Taranis to stop scaring the animals.

However, when it is furious and threatens homes and lives in MY area, in MY land, I ask Tāwhirimātea God of weather and storms to ease up and remember how fragile we are beneath His father, the Sky God Ranginui.

Witches honour everything in the Shadows and the Light.

Witches do NOT behave like many of the actual religions, in that we do not force ourselves upon others, nor do we verbally or physically attack those who follow a different path with different Gods. We do not have only One God or Goddess, like some other forms of “witchcraft” and we do not invade the comments sections on a pleasant discussion about Elementals to quote Leviticus. Or Gerald Gardner.

Witchcraft is equally at home with Hekate and Baron Samedi or Frigga and Anubis.

Witches are Sideways focused, and our Spells reflect this in that we understand Death is a Dance not a destination, and Life includes the mites living in our eyelash follicles.

We do not state that we are Storms. We do not need to, for our Energy reflects those pieces of Spiral the Churches fear the most. Freedom.

Anger is the domain of Crones and Greybeards, and the masses of “The Greatly Offended” that see our very existence as sinful or against the TRUE laws of organised religion including many Pagan ones can just watch as we go by. Sucking on a beer made from Hops growing in a fucking cemetery with broken vaults and rotten crosses.

Anger often gives way to sadness for some of the Elders, for we have fought so incredibly hard to preserve the ways from Ago, back before the new Gods and Witchcraft, which insult Universe by only seeing one piece of it’s vastness in a likeness designed by themselves…

Goddess Worship at the exclusion of all Gods. Light work at the exclusion of Shadow. You may have seven wives, beat them into submission, and God will reward you. You can call yourself a Witch and attack those who dare say the enforced sevenfold kiss is abuse.

What you CANNOT do, is ignore that the Soul of the Witch who bears scars from fighting Evil YOU created through stupidity, has earned a place alongside the Elements that KEEP ALL LIFE TOGETHER.

Our shield against your “magic” is our anger, and our shield against your delusional “gospel” is the fact that your children are safer around us, the outcasts who literally protect you from yourselves.

Witches shouldn’t need to explain themselves TO themselves, or to other religious groups. Since when did the newly born have sovereign rights over the Guardians? Since when did the words and opinions mass produced on paper by printers overrule the deepest scratches on rocks in circles that HUM with a power YOU WILL NEVER FEEL THROUGH YOUR OBTUSE SKULLS?!

Witchcraft. Truth is in the Tasting. You ain’t no Storm sugar, you’re worth more than that.

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