Writing your own Spells 1.5 Recording & Acting on your Spell

1 — Title your spell so you remember its purpose. If your spell helps you achieve positive results, you’ll likely want to reuse it in the future. Give your spell a title that reflects the outcomes you hope it achieves. This will help you remember the purpose of the spell when you go back to find it.

2 — Record the spell in your Grimoire so you can reuse it later. It’s a good idea to preserve all the spells you write so you can reuse or tweak them later. If you like, decorate the page with a border or symbols related to your intention. Or find a related image and paste it in with your writing somewhere.

3 — Choose to burn your spell at the end to send it to the universe. You might try burning your spell to release your words. Write your spell on a small piece of paper. Then, light the corner of the paper on fire. Drop the paper into a small cauldron, metal dish, or glass bowl and let it burn out. Then, scatter the ashes. If the fire grows, extinguish it with water so it doesn’t get out of control. Make sure you don’t burn the spell near anything that’s flammable.

4 — Take action to make your spell happen. Your spell likely won’t work if you don’t take action to make it come true. After you perform the spell, work toward the intention that you set. This will increase your chances of success!

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