A goddess chooses her God wisely

She enhances her intuition and spiritual discernment using her previous experiences to know what not to accept.

She picks a God who has been disciplined in himself to heal the fragmented parts of his soul.
She allows him to show how he will lead and surrender to her

A goddess doesn’t settle for a man who only wants to please only one of her senses but all of them.

A goddess picks a god of integrity and strength. Built with gentle love and compassion.

A goddess picks a god that knows how to honor his legacy and his name by not making a mockery out of her or his love

A man who went from boy to a god by leaving behind all of his lower desires that cloud his intuition, mind and heart.

So sis. In order to pick a god you have to have initiated self as a goddess by healing and leaving behind the lower desires that cloud your intuition, mind, and heart.

Its time for the real divine unions to unite. We done went through enough to know better.

A god picks a goddess who isn’t blinded by her illusion from trauma.
He picks a goddess that is able to be connected to her emotions she is able to control them when shifting.
He picks a goddess that is able to love fearlessly
A goddess who knows how to multiple his seeds.

He picks a goddess of inner integrity and inner knowing of her power

He picks a goddess who uplifts his spirits and places him on thrones in her mind.
He picks a goddess that respects and surrenders to him
A goddess who doesn’t make a mockery out of their love.
They don’t waste time on exchanges that add nothing but turmoil to their life.

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