A spell to help someone with their education

You will need the following items for this spell:

This is more Force of Will Magick, in that you don’t need any tools or items just energy work. But because everyone’s practice is their own, feel free to add tools and items if you wish.
”This spell will help the target earn their education; though it is no replacement for studying. Ex: if you use this spell to help you take a test, but you don’t study for it. Your chances of passing probably won’t be very good. The spell will help you, though you still have to put in the work.”
Since this spell is Force of Will I only need to list the chant, you may do what you wish with using tools or items.

“ As I chant I manifest, that my grades shall be the best, bring to me what I desire, let my grades now be higher. Elements come as this spell is made, work as one to better my grade, assist me in this task of mine, may all my endeavors be met with victory’s radiant shine”

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