Fairy Magick

Accepting Fairies

To accept that fairies do indeed exist, and that cooperation with them in the creation of a garden will richly benefit all that grows in it, is a part of the wisewomen’s ancient doctrine.
However small and humble your plot, there is always an angel of the garden. She must be called upon, and the spirit of her gentle presence must be felt and revered by all who would make friends with the fairies. Seek her at eventide, or as the sun is rising, or yet in the first moments of daybreak, or under the moon and stars on a fine, clear night. Speak to her in your own words; alternatively, you may use this invocation:

Angel of the garden, still my waiting soul,
so my eyes may see thy radiance,
my spirit enter into thy peace,
as thy wings unfold to gather this place
of tended growing things into thy heart.

I feel the breath of the angel as a soft incense
moving through the airs which play upon this garden;
I feel the touch of the angel as each blade of grass,
each sprig, flower, herb and tree, each living creature, is blessed;
I hear the song of the angel as each plant moves and dances,
with a motion unseen, to the perfect harmony of the spheres.

The life of the spirit walks in my garden as an angel,
and my garden is made holy, a place of benediction.
The angel of the garden hears my prayer,
and draws near. In reverence
I bow to the angel, and give my heart and hands
into the light of her inspiration. 

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