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Breaking A Spell With A Spell

This is known as a counter spell, or the kind of spell that can break any spell that may have gotten cast on you. It is always best to cast this during a waning moon. While it is not completely necessary, a lot of people consider a waning moon spell to be double the power as a spell that is cast at any other time.

You Will Need:

Black candle and candle holder

– Cauldron (or a large pot)

In order to prepare your spell, put the candle in the cauldron and fill with water until the candle sits just above the water line. Only leave the wick and a small portion of the candle above the water (roughly a centimeter to half an inch is good).

Cast the circle and call your guides. God, Goddesses and any deities that you want to call on to help break the spell. Now light your candle, staring into the flame. Repeat the following words:

As water meets fire, the spell is come undone.

As water meets fire, the spell is now broken.

As water meets fire, I am free.

Blessings to the Gods (Goddesses), so mote it be.

While you are saying these words, you can imagine that the spell being broken, seeing yourself from the influence. Stare right into the flame, keeping the visualization. Stare until the flame reaches the water and then extinguishes. Once the fire goes out, know that the spell is broken.

After the spell is finished, dig a hole into the ground, burying the candle. Pour the remaining water over the earth. This will then break the spell break the spell for you, allowing you to know it is so. Should the spell seem to be placed on you again, you can simply go through and repeat this same spell as outlined.

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