Magickal Tools

Charging and Cleansing Your Tools

Once you have prepared your elemental substances, you can charge your tools ready for use.

If they have been bought, whether new or second-hand, you might also like to cleanse them first.

You can also cleanse them after a formal ritual or when their energies seem depleted.

If the ritual is important or arduous, you can recharge the tools before each use, but usually, this is not necessary, as the cleansing from a previous ritual will automatically restore the energies.

However, as you polish your candlesticks or athame before putting them on the altar, you may wish to focus on the intention of the ceremony and visualize light entering the tools.

Charging With Power

You can charge your tools separately as you obtain them.

Alternatively, group them together on a table before their first use in ritual and create a circle of light around them with small purple candles at the eight main compass points (North, North-east, etc.).

Start at the North candle and end with the Northwest candle.

*First create a circle of salt round the tools, beginning in the North, to offer the tools the protection of the ancient Earth element, saying

Mother Earth, charge with the power of the ancient stone circles and the wise ways of the ancestors this – name the tools of magick and healing, that my work may be rooted in what is possible and
help create abundance and prosperity for others and the land, as well as for my own needs.

Next, draw a circle of smoke deosil in the air around them, using a frankincense or myrrh incense stick, saying:

Father Sky, charge with the power of the mighty winds and the limitless potential of the cosmos this – name the tools of magick and healing, that my work may be focused, filled with energy, and bring positive change to ever-widening horizons.

Now, using a golden or scarlet candle in a broad-based candle-holder, mark an inner circle of fire in the air, around the artifacts, saying:

Brother Fire, charge with the power of ancient ritual fires and the brilliance of the Sun, this these tools of magick and healing, that my work may be filled with light and inspiration and purged of all self-seeking and negativity.

finally, sprinkle sacred water or rainwater that has not touched the ground before collection on top of the circle of salt saying:

Sister Water, charge with the power of mighty oceans, wide rushing rivers, and deep still pools this (these) tool(s) of magick and healing, that my work may release stagnation and bring fertility and peace, not only to myself and my loved ones but to people whose lives are blighted by polluted places and, especially, water.

Cleansing Using The Forces Of Nature

Leave your artifacts on a piece of white silk in a sheltered, safe place out of doors or near an open the door where children, pets or the curious cannot reach them.

Begin at dusk when they can absorb the light of the Sun, the Moon, and the stars, for 24 hours.

This will be effective even if you cannot see any of these heavenly bodies in the sky.

Charge at the time of the waxing moon to the full moon if possible; if not, let them stand for 48 hours.

If the Moon is waning and so not good for energizing, create a circle of alternate moonstones and crystal quartz for the powers of the Sun and Moon, and leave the tools within this circle for the full 48- hour cycle.

Sprinkle the tools with nine drops of sacred water that was collected under the full moon or rainwater that has not touched the ground, saying a variation of this old magical rhyme whose origins are unknown:

One for joy, two for gladness,

Three and four to banish sadness,

Five and six do life renew,

Seven, eight, nine bring power anew.

Few of these old chants are great poetry, but that was not their purpose – they were created in the days before widespread literacy as a way of remembering magical rituals.

If you prefer, you can substitute your own, composed by you or a coven member who may have a gift for such work.

The rhymes served like simple mantras to build up power – some people recite the chant several times, very fast, while sprinkling the water slowly.

Cleansing Using A Crystal Pendulum

Hold a clear crystal pendulum over the tool(s) and make nine circles widdershins.

Plunge the pendulum in cold running water to cleanse it, shake it dry, and circle it nine times deosil over the tools to restore energies.

You may need to repeat this several times if a tool seems lifeless or after you have been carrying out a banishing ritual.

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