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Cinnamon Spell First of the Month for Prosperity and Protection

Did you know that cinnamon in your witch’s cabinet is super useful and super powerful? We’ve written an entire article on the magical and medicinal properties of cinnamon here, if you’d like to dive deep into this exotic spice. But, either way, it’s a boon for you to learn how to cast a simple cinnamon spell for the first of the month to bring prosperity and protection to you and your household. You might have even seen this spell on TikTok or IG…so let’s get to witchin’!

First, Why cast spells on the First of the Month?
There was a big trend on TikTok recently where people were focusing hardcore on spells cast on the first of the month. Why is the first of the month important in spellcasting? Truly, we can look at the first day of the month as being the door to the rest of the month. If we cast spells for prosperity and protection on this day, it starts us out on the “right foot” on this month’s journey, doesn’t it? Keeping in mind, if you somehow miss casting your cinnamon spell on the first of the month, there’s no need to panic! You can also perform your spells on a New Moon which is the first moon phase in a lunar cycle and an important night that offers new opportunity and a fresh start.

Cinnamon’s Magical and Healing Powers
Cinnamon has LOADS of spiritual and medicinal power. It’s typically used in spells for prosperity, protection, healing, good luck, love and lust, purification, career and business success. And its medicinal properties include immune support, endocrine system support, neurological and cardiovascular health, as well as being an anti-inflammatory and coagulant.

BLOW Cinnamon Spell First of the Month
I’m not being naughty here. But this might be the most down and dirty, easy and effective spell you’ve ever cast. So, on the first of the month (or on the New Moon) you’re going to…

Here’s what you’ll need:
A handful of powdered cinnamon
A broom
Your front door

Here’s how to cast this cinnamon spell first of the month:
Go to your front door with your intention in your mind. You can state it out loud, chant it, sing it, etc. (I say something like prosperity flows to me and my family freely.)
Open your front door and go outside. Face the front door.
Pour the cinnamon into your dominant hand (whatever hand you write with or make magick with.)
State your intentions again.
Then blow the cinnamon into your front door.
This might create a mess. What I like to do is leave the cinnamon where it lays for the day, if you can, then sweep it up and spread it across the front door’s threshold.
Say, “so be it” or “so it is done”, etc.
Watch the success and prosperity roll in!

Another SIMPLE, Yummy Cinnamon Spell for the First of the Month
I’ve found cinnamon to be the easiest and most powerful amplifier for nearly any intention in my life. Another cinnamon spell for the first of the month that’s simple and strong, and specifically works well for protection over yourself and your family goes like this:

Here’s what you’ll need:
Red sauce ingredients
Powdered cinnamon (about 1 tsp per 16 oz red sauce)

How to cast this cinnamon spell for protection:
Gather your stockpot and ingredients.
Chop your veggies and prepare any meat you might be using for your red sauce.
Brown your veggies and meat, then add the red sauce and wet ingredients.
Next, visualize and claim protection over this pot of red sauce and sprinkle your teaspoon (+) over your red sauce. Say, “cinnamon strong, cinnamon great. Protect my family with each and every plate.”
Stir the cinnamo into your red sauce. Then eat and enjoy!
NOTE: to some people, adding cinnamon to red sauce sounds crazy or gross. I assure you, if you don’t over-do the cinnamon, it’s a perfect ingredient. Why? Because a. it provides spiritual protection to you and your family. And b. because it cuts out some of the acidity of the tomatoes in the sauce…creating a semi-sweet undernote. And who doesn’t love red sauce in a cinnamon spell on the first of the month? Conversely, you can cast this spell ANY time and it is also powerful when cast on a New or Full Moon.

Other Ways to Use Cinnamon in Spells for First of the Month
Cinnamon is one of those extremely versatile spices/herbs that most witches use in multiple meals, desserts, drinks and magical concoctions. Here are a few more ways to get the most out of the magical properties of cinnamon (particularly if you’re making magick on the first of the month):

Add cinnamon to your floor wash to remove negative energy and draw in prosperity
Put cinnamon sticks in a spell bag and hang from the front and back doors
Mix cinnamon into your coffee or tea in the morning to amplify your shields and be successful in your day
Add cinnamon to your baked goods or bake something focused on cinnamon flavor like snickerdoodle cookies or cinnamon rolls (both bring prosperity and strength)
Infuse cinnamon into a front door wash and wash your front door down while stating your intentions of shielding your home and bringing in money
In the Fall and Winter months, make a big pot of mulled wine or cider and add cinnamon sticks to it
Decorate wreaths and garland with cinnamon sticks in the Winter and Autumn to honor the sabbats and draw prosperity
Offer cinnamon to specific deities associated with this spice including: Aphrodite, Dionysus, Venus, Eris, Hermes, Jupiter, Zeus, Ra, Apollo, Lugh, Sol, etc.
Mix into your protection powders and sprinkle across thresholds and windowsills to ward negative energy and spirits
Sprinkle over cereal or oatmeal or shakes to start your first day out right

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