Crystals & Stones

Cleansing a Crystal

When you acquire a new crystal you should
first of all cleanse it and then dedicate the
crystal for the purpose intended. This can be
done simply by holding the crystal while
consciously thinking that it will be used only
for good, or during a meditation. You could
also call upon your deities, if you wish, using
your own ritual.
There are many different ways of cleansing
crystals. Below are several of the more practical

  • Take the crystal to the sea, clean it thoroughly
    in the sea water, and allow the water to wash
    over it for several minutes. The crystal should
    then be left in the sun or in moonlight,
    whichever pleases you most, where it can
  • If you cannot use sea water, soak the crystal in
    salt water for anything from one to seven
    days – you will know instinctively how long
    is needed. Use the proportions of
    approximately three tablespoons of salt to a
    cup of water (the water must fully cover the
    stones), put the salt water in a glass container
    with the crystals and leave in a sunny or
    moonlit place.
  • Bury the crystal in commercial sea salt for at
    least seven and up to 24 hours (overnight is
    good), then rinse it with pure water and
    ‘energize’ it in the sun as before. Note: Salt or
    abrasive substances may impair the surface of
    your crystal; this will not affect the properties
    of the crystal, but is aesthetically not very
  • If you have a sacred space out in the open,
    bury the crystals for 24 hours, and as you
    bury them ask that they may be cleansed
    ready for your work. Don’t forget to mark the
    spot where they are buried – it is very easy to
    lose them!
  • Smudge the crystal thoroughly with, for
    example, a sage smudge stick (see page 51) or
    favourite incense. That is, allow the crystal to
    be engulfed in the smoke until such times as it
    feels clear. Suspend smaller crystals in the
    smoke or burn incense underneath larger
    stones. The incense section, beginning on
    page 53, gives numerous examples
  • Put the crystal in the middle of a large group
    of crystals or on top of another mineral (one
    which is a specific energizer, such as copper
    for the qualities of Venus) for 12 to 24 hours.
  • Clean the crystal in flowing spring, lake, river
    or tap water and then energize it by leaving it
    in the sun. It is important to think of the crystal
    being cleansed by the movement of the water.

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