Candle Magick

Green Candle

Green is for Earth and the North, midnight and winter.

A green candle is placed at what would be the 12 o’clock position on a clock, aligned with magnetic or a symbolic North.

Earth is the element of order, both in nature and institutions such as the law, politics, finance, health, and education.

It also represents yin, the female, nurturing goddess aspect, Mother Earth, the home and family, as well as money and security, and is a good element to invoke when you have matters of property or money that need attention.

It is also a focus for all rituals against famine, deforestation and land pollution, and devastation through unwise industrialization or building, and for caring for animals and their natural habitats.

Surround your green Earth candle with grains, berries, fruits, coins, or potpourri. Brown candles may also, be used as Earth candles.

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