Connected to Magick

Magic, entities, gods, strands, oracles, everything connected to magic, we first have to understand that it is our work directed also in search of our true transformation that dwells in magic, that moves.

We live in times of working the warrior and resilient archetype. Search our strength in destruction.

It doesn’t matter who you name your son and don’t make and don’t sow to reap.

There are those who skip phases since I prefer to experience from the sickle to the sun, I am not talking do not use magic.

I just want to make it clear, make mistakes, search, dive into yourself, and then start experiencing the magic.

Many perform magic, others experience the opportunity that is sometimes dark and painful but filled with surprise.

Live and feel what you do.

Don’t do it in vain.

We have to hold our whips tight and keep the direction.

We have to go through the books, the ring, our alliance.

We need to stay in the tower and without it we build a rock under our feet.

You will always be the home that needs the most care

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