Crystals & Stones

Crystals for Spellwork

There are many crystals that can be used in
magical workings and as you become more
practised in spell making, and more interested in
their various attributes, you will discover for

yourself that certain crystals resonate for you
more than others. These are perhaps the ones that
you will put in your talisman bag, or use in your
healing rituals.
Crystals are such an fundamental part of spell
working, with so many levels of awareness
inherent in them, that it is well worth taking the
time to learn as much as you can about them, in
order that you can use them in whatever way is
appropriate for you. You might, for instance, like
to place a large crystal of, say, rock quartz on
your altar as representative of the Earth Element
and all its power and goodness. On the other
hand, you may wish to wear a ‘charged’ crystal
(a crystal that has had extra energy added to it)
to protect you.
Using techniques for ‘finding’ crystals and
being open to them ‘finding’ you, are the best
ways of obtaining the crystals you need.
Because our lives are so busy, many of us will
come into contact with crystals only as gifts or
in a commercial environment. You may acquire
them by various methods, for example buying
them, receiving them as gifts, or very
occasionally unearthing them.
One relatively common way of ‘finding’ the
best crystal for you is by using the ‘first
recognition’ method.

  • Stand in front of a group of crystals.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Open your eyes quickly and pick up the first
    crystal you see or the one that attracts you in
    any way.
  • When holding a particular crystal or running
    your hand over it, you may find that your
    hands tingle or you have some other physical
    reaction. This usually means it is for you.
  • At other times you may feel drawn to a
    particular crystal without knowing why. The
    crystal may not necessarily be for you, and
    could be for somebody else or a purpose not
    yet specified.
    If you are choosing a crystal for a specific
    purpose (meditation, healing, and so forth),
    hold that purpose in mind as you choose.
    Usually you will sense an energy ‘reaction’
    from a particular crystal, perhaps in the form of
    a tingling sensation, heat or a flash of light.

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