Moon Magick


It was believed by the ancient Greeks and Romans that Witches had the power to draw down the moon from the sky. This assumption is not without reason. Should a witch be seen invoking the Goddess beneath a full moon, she would naturally be standing in a position where the beams from the moon would highlight her person, making it seem as if she had a direct link to the lunar orb.

In modern Witchcraft, the rite of Drawing Down the Moon or Calling Down the Moon is of considerable importance. During this potent invocation, the practitioner enters a trance-like state of altered consciousness and draws the essence of the Goddess into herself. The energy of the Goddess is then focused toward a magickal act, divining the future, or spiritual revelation.

Drawing Down the Moon involves being completely open and receptive to the feminine spirit of nature. It is usually done out of doors, beneath a full moon. Stand with your arms outstretched, pointing upward at the moon. Once you are relaxed, focus on the moon. Feel its rays reach down and touch you. When you feel the time is right, slowly begin the following invocation, building to an emotional climax.

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