A Moon Magick Ritual For Calm

Wait until the Moon is moving towards full, and is quite bright in the sky.
* Find somewhere as dark as possible so the light is undiluted and slowly ‘inhale’ the light through
your nose, looking at the Moon and drawing its light towards you.
* Hold your Moon breath for a count of ‘One and two and three’. Remember to say the ‘ands’ to stop
yourself rushing – this is relaxing, not a race.
* Close your eyes and exhale the darkness of your panic, frustration or unhappiness.
* Continue alternately inhaling with your eyes open and exhaling with your eyes closed until you feel
that you are filled with silver light.
* Now gently exhale a little of that light in a single breath, this time with your eyes open, directing it
in your vision towards someone you know who is also feeling stressed or anxious.
* Inhale more moonlight and continue to exhale, still with your eyes open, continuing to direct the
healing light.
* Let the Moon shine into a silver or crystal bowl of water. Before bedtime, tip the water into your
bath so you can absorb the Moon energies through your pores.
Whenever you feel stressed, visualise the Moon, close your eyes and gently inhale; peace will come to
you because you gave it out to others.