Orphic Hymn To Hekate

 call Ækátî of the Crossroads, worshipped at the meeting of three paths, oh lovely one.

In the sky, earth, and sea, you are venerated in your saffron-colored robes.

Funereal Daimôn, celebrating among the souls of those who have passed.

Persian, fond of deserted places, you delight in deer.

Goddess of night, protectress of dogs, invincible Queen.

Drawn by a yoke of bulls, you are the queen who holds the keys to all the Kózmos.

Commander, Nýmphi, nurturer of children, you who haunt the mountains.

Pray, Maiden, attend our hallowed rituals;

Be forever gracious to your mystic herdsman and rejoice in our gifts of incense.

Hekate Chant…

Glory to you, O Hekate

Goddess who guards our opportunities

Queen of magic and circumstance

Keyholder, beloved mother of witches

Hekate, guide me through blessed doors

Shut those that might lead to my destruction

Hekate, she who holds the keys to the realms of time

Hekate, the goddess of wisdom and fate

Who hears the whisper of prophecy

Goddess of mysteries

Take my hand, O goddess

Put all your knowledge into my palm

And let your magic flow through me..

Here is a short prayer to Hekate about Persephone:

You, who dwell in the deep abyss,

In whose hand is death,

Who lives in the underworld,

You found the lost queen of Hades,

You guided her to save humanity from eternal winter.

Hekate, companion and friend of Persephone,

Guide me on my path.

May I never fear the darkness.

May I know where to find the light.

The following prayer was written specifically for Hades and Hekate:

Hear me, O Hades, king of the dead,

Lord of the underworld, ruler of the dead,

You who live in the dark places,

Work well with kind Hekate,

For she will help you bring back those who have died.

Hekate will be your companion in your work.

Hekate’s power will aid you in your task.

This is a prayer to Lilith and Hekate:

O Lilith, Seductress, Temptress,

She who invades dreams,

Who works hand in hand with divine Hekate,

Hear my prayers to you,

Defeat my enemies and aid my goals,

Help me overcome my fears,

And protect me from harm.

Prayer To Hekate Soteira
The role of Hekate as savior is very important. She is often associated with the concept of salvation. This is because she can help people escape their earthly problems and grant them a blameless death.

Soteira means “to save” or “to rescue”. Here is a prayer to Hekate Soteiria:

Heavenly Mother, hear my plea!

I am but mortal and wretched.

Give me strength and courage to face my fate,

To make good use of my time here.

To guide me safely to my end,

So that I may join my ancestors.

The following prayer is dedicated to Hekate:

Great Goddess, Queen of Witches,

Queen of the Night,

My Lady of Mysteries,

Lady of the Underworld,

Goddess of Death,

Mother of Souls,

Protectress of Witches,

Mother of Ghosts,

Guardian of Diviners,

Protector of Travelers,

Giver of Dreams,

All-Knowing One,

Mistress of Fate,

Mighty Ruler of All Things,

Guide me always,

Lead me to safety,

Save me from danger,

Keep me safe from evil,

Watch over me,

Be with me always,

Love me,

Listen to me,

Look after me,

Take care of me,

And I will work eternally in your name!

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