Enchanting Herbs

Prior to actually using herbs in magic, they can be enchanted. Enchantment (in
a magical context) aligns the vibrations of the plants involved with your magical
need. Thus it is a process which increases the effectiveness of the herbs.
Enchantment may be performed on a single herb or a mixture, but should
not be done until moments before the herb is to be used. When several herbs
are needed for a spell they may be enchanted together as a mixture or singly
as each herb is introduced into the mixture.
A preliminary enchantment may be performed if the herb is collected from
the wilds or a garden. While actually cutting the herb for a specific spell the
need should be stressed, as should the plant’s role in fulfilling that need, i.e.,
I gather you, rosemary, herb of the Sun, to increase
my mental powers and concentration.
This begins the process of enchantment, although it is preliminary only.
The equipment is simple: a plain wooden or ceramic bowl, two candleholders,
and a supply of colored candles.
Place the bowl in the center of the altar, the candleholders with correctly
colored candles on either side (see Tables & Appendices for colors and their
magical uses). The herbs to be enchanted should be placed around the bowl
in their containers.
Light the candles and still your mind. Unplug the phone and lock the door.
If you wish, darken the room of artificial illumination. Enchant herbs (and
perform all magic) only when you are alone and will be free from interruption.

Pour the needed amount of dried herb into the bowl. Sit or stand calmly and
gaze into the herb. Sense its vibrations awaiting within the leaves and flowers
and stems; see them emerging from the plant or lying in wait. Psychics can see
the vibrations leaving the plants in various forms, such as sharp jagged lines,
lazv spirals or blazing comets. Lean toward the bowl and place vour power

hand (see Glossary) within it, touching the herb. Leave it motionless for a few
seconds. Visualize your need strongly.
Run your fingers through the herb. Still strongly visualizing your need, send
it into the herb. Feel your fingertips charging the herb with energy. If you find
trouble holding the image in your mind chant simple words that match your
need, such as:
Yarrow, yarrow, make love grow.
Chant this endlessly under your breath. As you run your fingers through
the herb feel them infusing the plant with your need.
When the herb is tingling with power (or when you sense that the enchantment
is complete) remove your hand. The plant has been enchanted.
If there are other plants to be used in a mixture, add them one at a time,
re-enchanting the mixture with each addition.
If you wish to enchant herbs to be used separately, remove the enchanted
herb from the bowl and wipe it clean with a dry towel. Replace the candles
with colors appropriate to the new herb and repeat the procedure.
When making incense, infusions, sachets, poppets and the like powder or
grind herbs (if needed) before enchanting.
If roots or branches are to be enchanted, simply hold in your power hand,
visualizing and/or chanting, or lay it on top of the bowl between the candles.
In earlier days to “enchant” meant to sing or chant to. Once you have sung
your song of need to the herbs, they are ready for use.
Of course enchantment isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is a method of
obtaining better results. The wise herbalist will never omit enchantments.