Fire Magick

Fireplace Magick

This simple spell isused to make a wish come true, and is especially effective if done on New Year’s Eve. It is also great way to end a romantic evening or group gathering.

Items needed:

One square of red paper and piece of
yellow paper ribbon for each person doing the spell,
a small bottle of heliotrope oil, and a jar of basil.

Light a fire in the fireplace. Write out your wish on the square of red paper. In the center of the square, place a drop of the heliotrope oil and a pinch of basil. Fold the paper into a packet and secure with the yellow ribbon.

Gaze into the fire.

Visualize what you want.

Speak your wish out loud, and then toss the packet into the fire.

As the fire consumes the packet, chant the following:

Blazing fire, burning bright
Make my wish come true this night.

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