Kitchen Witch

Flavors & Correspondences

Almond(milk): mental clarity + fortitude, luck, abundance, healing + good health
Amaretto: opening the mind, warding against negativity, creativity, luck
Blueberry: aids in memory + mental clarity, calmness, youth + glamour magic, restoration, aura cleansing + strengthening
Caramel: aids in changes + transformations, soothing quality to spells, good in Fae magic, increases tenacity
Chestnut: warding + protection, prosperity, longevity + increase stamina
Chocolate: self love + nurturing energy, ancestral magic, grounding, love + sexual prowess
Cinnamon: spiritual + personal power, healing, success, lust, luck, prosperity, strength
Clove: protection, actualization of desires, banishing negative + hostile forces
Coffee: inspire creativity, clear emotional + spiritual blockages, dispel nightmares, fortitude + increased stamina, encourage diligence
Coconut Milk: confidence + aid in glamour magic, strength, beauty, love
Cow milk: nurturing, fertility + prosperity, protection, abundance, aid in motherhood
Hazelnut: self-love and compassion, inspiration, creativity, wisdom + insight
Honey: happiness, offerings + Fae magic, sweetness, love, prosperity, healing, passion, spirituality
Irish Cream: dreams + intuition enhancer, prosperity, growth, aid in change
Peanut(butter): stability, aid in manifestation + intuition, attraction, energy
Pecan: spiritual purification + protection, abundance + prosperity
Peppermint: healing, purification, psychic powers + transformation, sleep, prosperity, passion
Pumpkin: wishes + dream fulfillment, protection + guarding, prosperity, magic enhancer, love
Oat(milk): tradition + ancestral work, health, stability + fortitude, beauty + youth, comfort, home magic, healing
Raspberry: invoking fertility or love, kindness + compassion, desire fulfilment, creativity, libido + sex magic
Sugar: used to amplify spells, sweetness + love, attraction, comfort, Fae magic
Soy milk: success + strength, growth, healing
Toffee: playful 

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