Paganism Explained


Flourishing is the process of attracting positive energy, love, light, whatever you want. This is generally done as a last step after cleansing, protecting, banishing, and warding…but we’re leaving this house, so protecting/banishing/warding is something that the new residents need to do for themselves. If your place is having new residents, anyway.

Personally, I use air fresheners as flourishing sprays! They’re easy to pick up, cheap, and easy to hide if you’re in the broom closet  I use the Ferbreeze Lavender scent but you can use whatever you’d like, have some fun! What kinda energy do you want to invite in this place? Lots of vitality and energy? Try orange. Calmness and Tranquility? Lavender or Fresh Linen.

You can also make Your Own Flourishing spray, in which case it can be as simple as:

Sun or Moon water
peppermint essential oil
dried flowers or herbs that correspond with the energy you want
Mix it up and sprinkle it wherever you’d like, boom you’re good to go and the Ritual is over! You can dismiss the Elements now and put away your materials!

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