Hedgewitch Nature: Your Secret Shifter

Nature acts as a secret shifter, gently filling
us with the power to change our circumstances
whenever we choose. Interacting with Her allows
us to switch mental gears in an instant, helping
us to overcome boredom, fear, depression, anger,
frustration, sadness, and a host of other negative
emotions that sap our personal well-being and
block our pathway to success. Accessing Nature
can immediately place us in the still point ofbalance-that moment of pure potential that can
open our minds to the attractive power of the
universe and bring us all that we desire.
To see what I mean, go outside and put your
hands in the dirt. Yep! March out there right
now and take the first step toward HedgeWitchery! As you place your hands on the ground, feel
your deep, primordial connection with the life
force of our planet. Close your eyes
.. dig in your
fingers … and open your heart and mind as you
inhale the heady aroma of earth’s sweet fragrance.
Breathe deeply, and welcome the peace. Accept
the balance of Mother Nature with joy! Allow
the source of all things to course in, around, and
through you.
Shift into the connection! Be One … there is
no other experience like it.
Now, think of the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. Drink in the memory of
the lushness, color, peace, and abundant wealth of that sacred space. We’re going to change
our lives to be like that gorgeous garden, and we are going to do it in just two short weeks.
Granted, we’ll have to continue to tend our new lives (maintenance is a must), but, by using
the HedgeWitchery techniques I’ve developed, we’re going to make marvelous changes in a
limited amount of time. How do I know this? Because I did it-and if I can do it, you absolutely can, too!
Using the material in this book, it took me just two short weeks to totally alter many things
in my life and bring me peace, harmony, good fortune, healing, and much more. By continuing
the practice of working with the abundance of the earth’s energy, over the following weeks
and months I noticed positive shifts in my personality and my ability to deal with day-today stresses. My relationships with my family improved, and interactions with friends and
acquaintances that weren’t healthy for me or my family dissolved quickly, leaving a wake of
calmness and well-being. I found myself in a more serene state on a more frequent basis, at
ease with the world around me much of the time. I was able to sit back and enjoy life rather
than running full-tilt into walls I’d built myself over the last several years. I began making
major renovations to my property. I built an herb garden, a toad house, and a butterfly haven.
I literally tore down buildings to make way for continued improvements-lugging, hauling,
and sweating with the best of them-and it felt good! As these projects slowly took shape
and came to fruition, my life blossomed as well. I shed those wintery pounds, my complexion
improved, and I held a more healthy attitude toward my body and my diet. By harvest time,
I’d learned a wealth of information on organic gardening, put it into practice, and celebrated
the change of season with bounty from the earth as well as enjoying the mental and spiritual
fruits of living “in”Nature rather than viewing Her from a distance.
You see, it’s all a matter of choice (yours) and belief (your own) that will provide the opportunities you desire. If you expect the worst, that’s precisely what you will receive. If, instead,
you seek to raise your mental vibrations and incorporate fun physical activities to match happy,
life-affirming goals, then you will reap the rewards of positive living and thinking. You are the
most powerful catalyst in the alteration of your own life-and we’re going to prove it with the
loving assistance of Mother Nature. I did it. You can, too!

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