Hedgewitch: Primal Language Exercise

Unchecked mind chatter or verbal communication complicates your life by sending mixed
signals to the universe. Superfluous words can actually block your desires. Negative words will
bring you things you truly didn’t want. To get what you want, try the minimalist approachstart thinking only in nouns.
Typically, when we want something, we begin listing and constantly repeating what we
don’t want, thinking the universe understands this elimination process to make way for what

we desire. Rather than clearing a nice mental garden path, we are instead throwing a variety of
weeds in the way that will bring us a jungle of junk rather than the one thing we truly desire.
In the practice of HedgeWitchery, we use the fewest words possible in communicating our
desires to the universe through meditation, ritual, spellwork, and even everyday thoughts. The
more precise the verbiage, the greater the possibility of success!
Let’s say I want a new lawn mower-something simple that works only on me-power (no
gas or electric). The machine needs to fit between the paths of my raised-bed garden, be light
enough for me to handle easily, and have blades that stay sharp for longer than one season.
Since I’m not sure exactly what I want (the problem that muddles most people), I visit several
garden stores to determine what might work best for me. Once I choose the mower (a 16-
inch Scotts Elite), I ask for a brochure. At home, I sit down at the dining room table with a
piece of paper and the brochure side by side. On my paper, I begin describing this mower in
very simple terms. To pinpoint exactly what I want, I’m going to begin with only nouns. As
I add each descriptive word, I will also include a visualization of the noun or noun sequence
in my mind, so I might close my eyes to better focus. If I do this, however, I need to project
the nouns outside of myself and see myself interacting with them. For example: with my new
mower, I visualize myself smiling and merrily pushing the machine back and forth across my
property on a beautiful, sunny day over a rich carpet of green grass. To this, I add the aroma
of the cut grass and the sound the mower makes as it shlip-shlip-shfips across the green grass
(vibrating your thoughts by remembering sounds actually helps you manifest your desires faster-especially if you practice listening and then re-creating these sounds often in your mind).
I breathe deeply, thinking how this mower will provide a very good exercise opportunity for
me and what a nice tan I’ll have as a result of working outside.

Now, I walk outside and look at the beautiful stars (connecting to Spirit by surrounding
myself with nature) and slap a big smile on my face. At this moment, I am doing what a
HedgeWitch does best: I shift my mind totally into my concept of Spirit through the enjoyment of nature. Being outdoors helps me better connect. I take a deep breath, settle into the
moment of the beauty of deep night, and then I say clearly to the universe, “I want a new,
green Scotts Elite 16-inch push reel lawn mower or better. It always works. Always a blessing!” I close my eyes one more time, and I visualize all those things I mentioned earlier (sight,
smell, sound, etc.), and I smile again. Done!
Although the universe recognizes honor (we’ll get to that), it doesn’t understand verbal
manners, such as “May I please have ?”This is a question, not a desire. Remembering
to say “I want” acknowledges that you really do desire what you are asking for. Don’t worry,
Spirit won’t be insulted.
Time for you to try the primal language formula. Choose something you want to manifest
in your life. Begin with the basic noun and then build, being careful to add only enough words
to give you a precise description of what you want. Stay away from words like hope, might,
maybe, possibly, don’t, never, not, perhaps, etc., because they only confuse the translation of
your desire. When you have your description finished, go outside and tell the universe what
you want (no extra words), and save your description to work on through the next step. Don’t
forget to smile!
I already know (believe) that the universe will bring me my new mower. My job is to keep
the way clear for the mower to come to me and accept and welcome the fact that I deserve this
mower. Clearing, accepting, and welcoming are actually the hardest parts!

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