Hedgewitch: The Fertilizer of the Mind and Belief

I’m sure you’ve read many spiritual articles over the past several years that have in one way or another discussed the universal connection of all beings and how we are all an integrated part of the whole.

Writers teach about how to access what you most desire by using techniques and ideas that have worked for them.

From motivational speakers to magickal practitioners, you’ll find a plethora of information just waiting to be downloaded into your eager brain.

Sometimes these tips serve the reader well, and sometimes, depending upon the reader’s belief structure, they don’t work at all.

Belief, truly, is the key.

Our beliefs are structured on what we think to be true.

Some of us delve into the scientific to give us a firm base of belief, others go the more mystical, spiritual route, and then there are those who don’t believe anything unless it works first (which is rather a conundrum).

Finally, everyone’s beliefs are somehow shaped by the boogie-bird in the closet, commonly known a childhood misconception, which we either dreamed up ourselves or were exposed to by parents, caregivers, siblings, extended family members, teachers, spiritual advisors, neighbors, organization leaders, etc., as they peddled through their own lives doing (to be fair) the best they could.

Which leaves us a bit on shaky ground when it comes to creating our own reality, which is nothing more than manipulating the world through quantum means.

What I’m trying to say is: if you believe it is possible consciously and subconsciously, then it is. Period.

Each individual functions within the parameters of two types of belief: that which you consciously say to be true, and that which your subconscious has already accepted to be true.

Which means you have two very different animal crackers in your head when it comes to what you believe in, and why you can say you believe in something and receive just the opposite.

Both conscious and subconscious beliefs have to be in alignment in order for any desire to manifest.

Your conscious belief can be represented by the above-ground part of a plant, and your subconscious belief can equate to the root system; as you know, if your root system is lousy, you can baby the top of the plant all you want and still it will either die or grow poorly.

Conversely, the root system can be great-but if pests or blight attack the above-ground portion of the plant, you can only go so long until the plant weakens beyond saving and dies.

Just as the root system and the above-ground portion of a plant must be in alignment to create a beautiful, healthy plant, so your conscious and subconscious beliefs must also match to make a beautiful, healthy you.

This brings us to why humans have created a compendium of religions.

The various designs have occurred in an effort to create a system that appeals both to the conscious and subconscious minds of a particular culture.

Did you ever wonder why you can’t force someone to believe like you do (well, people try), and why the belief in angels may work for some but not for others, and why the Holy Spirit performs like gangbusters for your sister but not for your father?

Ogoun helps your best friend dance on the head of a pin, pulling in super sales, and your brother-in-law may swear by snake charming to get those eBay deals, and then there’s your uncle, who claims nothing works like a nice dead relative to provide assistance from the other side when the chips are down.

Many cultures, many beliefs … who is right?

The one you believe in, of course.

Belief, quite frankly, isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Let’s say everyone around you fervently believes that a Great Rabbit runs the universe.

You have always been told, and therefore it must be true, that he sits up there, munches on carrots, wants you to be a good boy or girl, has
an instruction manual for you to follow, and demands sole fealty.

Everyone in town believes in the Great Rabbit (or so they say).

They pray to the Great Rabbit and have holidays in his honor.

Perhaps you’ve outwardly questioned the validity, and you have certainly inwardly gone over it a million times-nothing with teeth that long can be good.

You are told the Great Rabbit is also a wrathful rabbit because, ifhe isn’t pleased, he can cause hurricanes, drought, fires-you know, the normal Mother Nature stuff, which is now bad stuff and not normal because you, you infidel, did not believe deep down inside.

So much for the concept of universal love in deity form. Indeed, the worst type of believer is the secret nonbeliever.

Do you see where I’m going with this? I’m not poking fun at any specific belief-what I’m saying is if you make believe you believe, it ain’t gonna work for ya, no matter how hard you try.

What is worse, we can say we believe, but 10 and behold, our subconscious (for whatever reason) doesn’t.

Then again, we can tell everyone what they believe in isn’t quite right and that they should change their beliefs, or at least tweak them so that we can all really believe now, because if everyone thinks the way we do, then we have created a believable comfort ‘Zone.

Therefore, what we all believe must be true-because we all believe it.

Except we know we told everyone what to believe without empirical evidence.

So, therefore, in our subconscious, we know what they believe in is not true, and therefore, we don’t
really believe it either.

And if you don’t believe, you can’t make nothin’ happen.

Let’s, for the moment, move this topic away from religion and our All-Powerful Bunny.

The same premise works for other things in your life as well: health, income, politics, perceived status, love, friends, working environment (flap hand, yada yada)-religion, really, is just one

facet of the totality of your beliefs.

Just one. So, even if you work diligently on your spirituality and let the rest go (or ignore them or deny their importance), then all you’ve done is focus the conscious mind in one direction while your subconscious mind is having a banquet-at your expense.

You’ll not find a truer bait-and-switch scam than what occurs in your own brain each and every day.

Money problems?

Don’t check what’s in your wallet-check what’s in your brain.

How do you know that your subconscious beliefs aren’t in alignment with your conscious

That’s easy.

What part of your life has just gone down the toilet?

Or, what in your life could be better?

Or, maybe things have been holding steady, but you are bored, bored, bored.

Or, where have you been placing your primary focus of thought and activity because you had to?

Let’s take a look at what beliefs might be attached to that issue.

We’ll keep it simple, one issue at a time.

Pretty soon, you’ll see how troubles that seem separate can actually be the result of a single negative thought.

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