The Basics of HedgeWitchery

Always connect to Spirit first.

By Spirit, I mean that which you believe runs the universe.

Some call it the source, others God or Goddess, or both, or neither, or whatever, or lots of names with particular influences from different pantheons.

The details don’t matter what matters is that you believe in a greater power

As everyone’s needs for and in spiritual connection are different, there isn’t anyone right belief

What you believe is right for you as long as it doesn’t purposefully hurt anyone.

Power “over” in anything will bring you a whole lot of hurting in the end.

Power “within” is the ultimate vehicle of success. (The universe does not take kindly to negative beliefs, thoughts, or actions.)

Warning: Be careful that the beliefs of others don’t inhibit you; conversely, don’t shove your beliefs on others (it lessens your own personal power).

Believe that you will receive, and it will be so.

Start and end everything, and I mean everything, with a smile!

Smiling raises your personal vibrational level, moving you toward the essence of the universe, which is pure joy.

The magick key of the universe that opens the door to every opportunity is a simple, sincere smile.

Learn to speak the true language of the universe!

The source of all things has its own language: basically, nouns and verbs that focus on the attraction of any given thing.

The All doesn’t acknowledge the rules of grammar as humans have made them.

Instead, we must learn to think and speak in a simple, fundamental syntax when focusing on our desires.

Stick with nouns and verbs to begin.

For example: “I want cookies.”

The words “I” and “cookies” are nouns.

“Want” is the verb.

Then, embellish carefully. “I want chocolate chip cookies.”

More? “I want delicious, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.”

Remember, by using primal language, we condense our desire into a translation that the universe will understand.

Visualize yourself absolutely delighted with what you want, which should produce a smile, which raises your personal vibrational level, which brings the thing faster.

If you need something right away, be happy!

You must ensure that your conscious and subconscious beliefs about the issue are in agreement.

If they do not agree, then your transmission to the universe will either be changed in a way you didn’t desire or will not manifest at all.

Nothing can grow if there isn’t space.

You can’t receive if you’ve blocked the door and bolted the gate.

For every specific thing that you want, whether it is healing, money, a new job, or a great relationship, let go of anything that inhibits the flow of what you desire.

If you start listing a bunch of excuses, you’ve just lost big time.

No magick elf presents for you! Allow change.

While you are waiting for what you desire, focus your attention on the positive aspects of your life.

Allow new and different energies to keep you occupied, rather than worrying or fretting about what you don’t have.

Instead, learn to honor what you do have (or had), and go from there.

When we are legitimately grateful, we bring closure to any situation and allow fresh, new experiences to energize our lives.

Always remember to say thank you!

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