Bottle Curse

Supplies needed are as follows :


2)4 baby jars

3)4 rocks large enough to smash glass


5)cinnamon incense

6)black candle

7)candle holder


9)digging tool


11)spoiled milk

(Couple ounces is enough)

12)tainted meat (Rotten)

13)13 nails or pins small enough to fit in baby jar

14)pepper(only a dash)

So about 3 packets

15)Hot sauce

(half a baby jar full)

16)single drop of your blood

17)needle,(Sterilized) it’s to prick your finger.

A) Take all your supplies to the propery location and pick out a spot for the ritual. Give yourself at least a circle of about 15 feet around.

B)light your sage and smudge in a clockwise direction until you complete a full circle, then smudge yourself!

C) light your cinnamon incense and do the same thing, then place in ground in the center.

(This creates sacred space, and provides protection)!

D)Take your compass and find north. Once that is done dig a small hole around shovel width and 6-8 inches deep at each cardinal point.

(North, East, South, West)!

E)Now before we begin, take out the black candle and that needle. Hold the candle in both hands and visualize your intent. See the property as black, rotting away, insects and spiders taking over, see dark manipulation of malicious energy taking over.

Now see all that dark energy going into the candle. (You should be able to feel a small tingle at this point.)

F)now prick your finger and anoint the candle with your blood.

(only takes a small amount)

G)light the candle and place it in your candle holder in the center of the circle.

H)Now fill your first jar with nails, or pins and sprinkle pepper over it and seal the jar.

Place it in the eastern hole.

Say ”As I crush this glass of pepper and pins, may he who lives here always live in sin”

Now take a rock and smash the glass. Leave the rock in the hole!

I) Now take another jar and fill it with rotten flesh

(Spoiled meat) (Pork is best)!

Seal it with the lid.

Place it in the hole and say,

“As I smash this glass of tainted meat,this property will always suffer great defeat ”

Now take another rock and smash the jar. Leave the rock there.

J)Now go to the Western quarter. Fill your jar with spoiled milk and seal the lid.

Place it in the hole and chant,

“As I break this jar of stinky milk, may this property always suffer from drought and silt”

Now take the third rock and smash the jar.

K)Now take the last jar and fill it with your hot sauce and seal the lid. Place it in the hole and chant,

“As I smash this jar of spicy hot, may the gods curse this property to be for naught ”

Now take your last rock and smash the jar.

L)Now starting at east go in order and cover each hole with dirt. Take your candle from the middle and place 7 drops of candle wax over each hole to seal the deal then place the candle back in the middle and let it burn the rest of the way out while you meditate.

Take your wand out and visualize all that deep dark energy you have manifested swirling around you spinning faster and faster. Now take your wand and with a quick snap, send the energy to the Earth Plane.

You should be tingling all over now. Once that feeling leaves you end the ritual with,

“So Mote It Be ”

*Clean your supplies up and thank the nature gods for supporting you in this ritual!

*Leave them a offering of bread, and sugar sprinkled on your way out as you walk!

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