Hedgewitch: A Universal Telephone Line

Remember Harvey? And do you recall how he said that his house insurance was cancelled?
Here is the creative way in which he handled it:
“I got this darned letter in the mail that said ‘your house insurance is cancelled because
your windows have peeling paint.’ I’d just finished arranging for a new loan on the house to
fix the place up, and here I get this letter. I was furious, because the insurer knew about the
loan that cleared not thirty days before and that I was planning to use the money to repair the
house. Frustrated, I decided to fix this problem … promptly!
“The day before, I’d purchased an old-fashioned phone at the mall, thinking it would add
a special touch that the wife would like. I marched to the bedroom and took the phone out
of the package, repeating a mantra: ‘Always a blessing.’ I placed the phone on our bedroom
dresser. I didn’t hook the phone up to the house line. In fact, I didn’t hook it up at all. In my
mind, if a cell phone could call my kid, my magick phone could call the universe! What’s the
“On a notecard, I wrote: ‘I want this house insurance mess fixed immediately, to my benefit.’ I stuck the card under the phone, picked up the receiver, and dialed 911. I said, ‘Hello,
Universe? Harvey speaking. I want this house insurance mess fixed immediately, to my benefit.Thank you for helping me,’ and I hung up. In less than one hour, I had the phone number
of a new agent. In less than twenty-four hours, I’d made arrangements with that new agent to
come view the house. In forty-eight hours, I had a new policy that was cheaper than the old
one, and it covered the exact same thing. And seventy-two hours after that phone call, the old
agent phoned, wanting to fix things, where before when I originally called them they had all
but ignored me.
“I didn’t stop there. My son has a new job as a salesman, and he was lamenting he needed at
least two sales his first week to show his employer he would be good at the job. So, I went to
the phone in my bedroom, dialed 411, and said, ‘Hello. This is Harvey. I want my son to land
at least two sales today. Thank you,’ and hung up. Sure enough, my son called me that night.
He made his two sales, and by the time the week was out, he’d made a total of four. You can
bet I’m going to keep using my magick phone!”
Harvey’s example shows us that a simple spell can work miracles. Now, let’s check Harvey’s
beliefs so we are all on the same page. Harvey believes that something runs the universe that
is good, caring, and all-loving. He isn’t sure what that something is, but when he is addressing
the universe, he believes that he is somehow aligning himself with divinity. Secondly, Harvey
has always believed that a solution to every problem exists; you just have to find it sometimes.
Therefore, solving this problem was well within both his conscious and subconscious minds,
and calling on a solution was not out of bounds in either type of thought.
To help his mind believe that he could contact the source of all things, he used a vehicle
familiar to all of us: the telephone. Like Harvey said, if he could call his son on a cell, he could
call the source on his magick phone. The act of dialing familiar numbers-911, in most areas
of the United States, is the three-digit Emergency number, and 411 is Information. Harvey
later explained that he used 411 because he wanted the universe to find two people who needed what his son was selling. In both cases, remember, the phone was dead-he never hooked
it up, so he didn’t really call 911 or 411. He just went through the motions. Also, in the desire
for his son to land the sales, Harvey had the greatest confidence in his son’s ability-he’d seen
him perform before, and knew his son could do it-meaning he believed his son was capable
of landing the sale. As his son’s desire and Harvey’s
desire for him matched, the sales were made in
less than twenty-four hours. When two or more
people are joined together in a single thought
in which they both believe (both consciously
and subconsciously), then that desire will manifest quickly. Finally, Harvey had this to say: “I didn’t
for one moment allow myself to doubt. I just forged
ahead, knowing that I would get what I wanted. I used a HedgeWitch technique whenever I
felt doubt coming on. I said, repeatedly, ‘It ALWAYS works!’”
And it did!
Linking your mind to a physical object to support your belief or matching your words
to something you know to be true is not new. Magickal practitioners have been doing this
for centuries. The trick is that you must believe in what you know to be true. Sounds funny,
doesn’t it? We find an excellent example in mental fluidity when studying Pow-Wow spells
(Pow-Wow is a German-American magickal system). In Christianized Pow-Wow, the practitioner often adds a rider, such as:
“As surely as Mary gave forth Jesus Christ, so will Suzanne experience the fullness of healing in His name.”
For a Christian, this works perfectly, but that isn’t the original text. Indeed, the original
version states rivers and territories that no longer hold the same names, so to update a bit, we
might say:
‘~s surely as the Mosel River flows through France, Luxembourg, and Germany, so too will
Suzanne experience the gentle flow of healing energy until she is completely well.”
Both versions work-again, it is what you believe that counts.