Mabon: Clearing Away and Finishing Off

Although the corn is gathered, there is still apples, pears and berries left to be picked. Mabon is the time of year to tie up loose ends and also throw-away aspects of your life that are no longer relevant.

If any goal that you set yourself at the start of the year remains unfinished, you may wish to accept the fact that you have come as far as you can in this particular growth cycle. If you have gone along way in achieving this particular goal, you can probably be pleased with yourself that you have taken it this far. It was obviously a worthwhile goal and you can be proud of yourself for the effort you have made and doing so well. If you did not quite achieve what you wanted to with what you set out to do, maybe you can take note of the reason why and use this for the seed you sow for the coming year.

Mabon can be a good time of the year to resolve personal relationships. You may owe someone an apology or may of borrowed something you need to give back. You may need to repair a relationship that has gone sour , or put some old squabble behind you. Mabon may be the appropriate time to do this.

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