How to Break a Jinx and Get Uncrossed

Does it seem like your life has suddenly fallen to pieces? Like everything you try, fails? Maybe your car broke down, and your dog is sick, your sick or ill all the time and suddenly you’re in arguments all the time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you cannot get a call back about any jobs you applied for, and you just have to ask – what the heck is going on?!

You may want to consider the possibility that you’re crossed.

What does it mean to be Crossed?

The term “being crossed” originated in Hoodoo from foot track magic, where the soil from the tracks of an enemy were used against them in magical ways or something was placed in their path, like Hot Foot Powder, that would put them in a crossed state.

The term evolved over time to mean that a person is in a blocked state, where no matter which way they turn there is no way out. This can take the form of a long run of bad luck, or just bad emotions and feelings you can’t seem to shake.

If someone has done magic or root work to put you into a crossed state, then you’ve been jinxed or hexed. Before you jump to this conclusion though, think about if there’s anyone in your life who would try and jinx you, and if there is, think about if that person could magically jinx you. Do they know magic, and are they willing to use it against you?

The far more likely reason behind being crossed is because of your own actions, whether you realize it or not. You can get yourself into a crossed state by associating with people you know are bad to hang around, by visiting places that affect you negatively, or by constantly entertaining negative or self-defeating thoughts.

It can also be true that no one jinxed you, and you did nothing to bring negativity into your life, but you’re still crossed. We all go through periods of bad luck, and sometimes it’s hard to stop that cycle.

* Dealing with a Jinx or Hex

If you think someone may have jinxed you, you need to first try and eliminate the source of the magic that may be planted near you.

* Check for strange powders near your doorstep or other areas you walk across commonly. This could be some form of irritant like Hot Foot Powder, meant to drive you away or just irritate your mind.

* Check your shoes, socks, clothes, purse, etc for the same kind of strange powder.

*Check your house for any strange items. If you have one, check your yard for any signs of something being buried there. Jars and mojo bags can be set on your property to bring bad luck and negative energy into your life.
If you don’t find anything like we described, it’s still possible you were jinxed from a distance. Luckily, this form of remote magic is easier to get rid of than when something permanent is used. Follow any of the steps below to get uncrossed.

* How to Get Uncrossed
Whether you were jinxed or hexed or not, the steps to get uncrossed are the same. Start with a spiritual cleansing bath to cleanse yourself, then work on your home. Once you and your home are clear you can move onto protecting yourself with uncrossing oil or powder or using candle magic.

* Spiritual Bath for Uncrossing And Jinx Breaking

The first step to getting uncrossed is to purify and cleanse your body with a spiritual bath.

A cleansing bath is the first step towards getting uncrossed.
Here’s what you’ll need:

* 1 tablespoon of dried Rue – For spiritual cleansing and protection
* A few whole Bay leaves – for protection and to clear the mind
* 2 white candles – To burn off negative energy or spirits around you.
* If you think the cause of being crossed is related to people you’re trying to get out of your life, add:

* 1 tablespoon of lemon juice – to cut ties with the past
* 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds – to protect yourself from troublesome individuals
* A few pinches of each is plenty. Add them to a warm bath done at sunrise, which is a time of new beginnings.
* Light the candles, then use the water to wash yourself from your head downward, pushing whatever has crossed you away.

If you want to help bring a little luck into your life, you can add a few drops of Van Van oil. Van Van oil has many of the same powers we’re looking for to get uncrossed. In a pinch, you can just add it to your bath water instead of the other ingredients!

* Cleansing Floor Wash for Your Home or Business

Once you’ve been cleansed, it’s time to work on your home or where you work. Below is a simple recipe for a spiritually cleansing floor wash that you’ll use to remove negative energy or spirits from where you live.

Using a cleansing floor wash to undo a hex or jinx
In a bucket of water add:

* 5 drops of Pine needle essential oils – for spiritual cleansing
* 5 drops of Hyssop essential oil – for spiritual purification
* ½ cup of Florida Water – to repel bad luck and keep negativity away

If you want to do double duty and actually physically clean your home at the same time, you can add Pine-Sol to the mix too.

As you clean your house with this mixture and a mop, work from the back towards the front door to drive the negativity right out of your house. If you’re a Christian, you can recite the 51st psalm, which specifically mentions cleansing with hyssop. Its begins:

“Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.”

When you’re done, you should dispose of the dirty water at a crossroads. You can just pour the water out on the side of the road. As you do so, realize that you’re pouring out all the negativity that water absorbed in your home!

* Uncrossing Powder
After you and your home have been spiritually cleansed, you’ll need something to keep that negativity from coming back. Uncrossing powder does just that. It repels negative energy and jinxes so they can’t take hold again. You can sprinkle it under your bed, across your doorway, or in a circle around your entire house, assuming you can make enough of it.

* To make uncrossing powder, you’ll need:

* Poke root powder – for strong spiritual protection
* Lemon grass (either dried or in a powder) – for warding off evil and removing obstacles
* Cumin – to deflect bad luck
* Salt – to protect from evil
* Powdered peppermint – to ward off jinxes and open roads

Mix all the ingredients in equal amounts, and sprinkle it anywhere you need to repel evil, negativity, or bad luck.

* Uncrossing Oil
While Uncrossing Powder is great for protecting your home, you can use Uncrossing Oil with candle magic or to feed a mojo bag to keep you safe for the times you leave your home.

* To make Uncrossing Il, just put some Uncrossing Powder into a small bottle, and fill the rest with either almond or olive oil. Shake the bottle occasionally, and let the oil steep for at least two weeks before using.

* Mojo Bag For Protection

A Mojo bag, also called a gris gris, will let you carry around your protection from crossing and jinxing. For this mojo bag, which will protect you from evil and from any jinxes or hexes thrown at you, you’ll need:

* Angelica root – to work as a powerful guardian
* Salt – for protection
* Sulfur – to reverse jinxes sent at you.

It may seem strange to see sulfur in the mix as it’s normally used to do evil work, not protect against it. But in this case, combined with the salt and angelica root, it acts like a shield to bounce evil back at the sender, in the same way that the ends of two magnets will repel each other.

* Wrap the ingredients in a small piece of red flannel and tie it shut. Feed the mojo bag 9 drops of Uncrossing Oil every week to keep the spirit alive.

* Uncrossing and Reversing Candle Magic

If you don’t want to carry a mojo bag around with you all the time, you can use Hoodoo candle magic as ongoing protection instead. There are several ways to use a candle, depending on your situation.

* A White Candle For Uncrossing

*Dress a white candle with Uncrossing Oil (a few drops is plenty) and let it burn for an hour each day until you feel like the situation has been resolved.

* Reversing Candles for Jinxes

You can use reversing candles if you’ve been jinxed or to just turn a situation around. These candles are half black and half another color, depending on what you’re trying to reverse. The black part removes negativity, while the other half of the candle is used to bring positivity into your life.

* Hoodoo reversing candles

Half red is used to reverse a jinxed love life, half white for peace of mind, and half green if your money situation is jinxed.

If you think your relationship is jinxed, you can use a pair of reversing figure candles, one for you and one for your loved one.

Whichever candle you use, dress them with a few drops of Uncrossing oil before you light them.

* Conclusion
Dealing with a crossed condition is done in stages. You start by cleansing yourself with a spiritual bath, then using a cleansing floor wash on your home. Once you and your area are cleared, you need to make sure the bad energies don’t come back, either by carrying a mojo bag or working candle magic.

Always protect yourself when doing magik for yourself as well. If you have several friends or family that are into hoodoo and magik ALWAYS keep yourself protected.

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