Mabon : The Festival and its Meaning

Mabon celebrates the “Harvest home” the end of the grain harvest. The fields are all cleared and in the garden, most of the crops have come to an end. Only the Apples and Pears and the winter-hardy plants remain. As the sun retreats, the earth pulls in. All growth stops, the sap is withdrawn into the tree roots and the leaves begin to turn.

It is time to look over what we have achieved and what we have learned, to give thanks for it all and to share some of our riches. It is a winding downtime, for finishing things off and tying loose ends and preparing for the dark days of winter. It is also a time to reflect on the balance of the opposing forces in our lives, to stop rest and maybe change gear in time for the meditations of Samhain.

In our own personal harvest, we think of our successes and achievements over the past year, however small. We also take note of the lessons we learned from the projects that were not as successful and we may have wished them to be. These achievements and lessons are the seeds from which new projects will grow in the future. We celebrate both as gifts of the Goddesses and Gods of the harvest and at the same time we clear away unwanted baggage that no longer plays any part in our lives.

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