Hex Magick

How To Make A Hex Sign

Be sure you have all the tools you will need to complete the sign you have designed or found. If you are doing an original drawing, plan it out first on a blank piece of paper.

Be sure that the picture will represent the result you desire.

On a round disk of wood or metal, draw out the hex sign.

As you draw, ask a blessing. For example:

“This is the universe that surrounds me.  It is blessed with the universal power of the almighty forces of creation.”

After the initial drawing is completed, paint the sign with colors selected for their symbolic harmony with the aims of the sign.

For example, a design featuring a rooster, representing watchfulness and spiritual vigilance, might be painted red and white for power and protection.

Once the hex sign has been painted, it should be blessed and consecrated to the purpose for which it was made.

This is done by holding your hands over the sign and charging it with personal energy and power.

If the hex sign is for protection, you will want to recite a simple chant or prayer that will convey your thoughts verbally as you focus on the sign.

For example: if the hex sign was made for protection, you might want to say:

Powers of the present and the past
There is none beside thee.
Be now a guard, remain steadfast
In perfect love and purity

As soon as the sign has been blessed, you will want to hang it outside of the house in a place for all to see.

If the sign is for protection, you might want to place it over or next to a bedroom window.

If the sign is for love, hang it over the kitchen door or window.

If the sign is for prosperity, fertility, and good fortune, hang it over the front entrance of your home.

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