Keep You Well Spell

This is a little herbal charm you can use to help ward off illnesses you might pick up from other people (like a cold).

A small branch or twig (about 3 inches long)
Sprig of dried rosemary
Gardenia petals, fresh
Mint leaves, fresh
Light blue yarn or ribbon
Freshly brewed chamomile tea
Bundle up the rosemary, gardenia petals and mint leaves with the twig, and wrap several times with the blue yarn. It should be wrapped enough so that no bits or pieces fall out of the charm.

Then set out a cup of hot tea on your altar surface. Have a sip, and picture a blue sphere around you that protects from illness. Now, dip one end of the exposed twig into the tea, and say the spell:

Herbal tea,
No illness be
Protect me,
Three times three.

Then dip the other end of the charm into the tea, and repeat the words. Set the spell charm aside to dry, then finish drinking the tea.

After that, carry the charm when you go out and are concerned about catching something from other people. You can recharge it with a fresh cup of tea, and repeating the words again. 

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