(Capsicum spp.)

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Energies: Protection

From archaeological evidence found in Mexican caves, chili peppers seem to have first been cultivated 9,000 years ago.

The Aztecs are said to have used chili peppers in rituals designed to exorcise spirits from possessed persons.

Chili peppers were recently banned from one state’s prison system because the burning vegetables could be used as weapons. Curiously enough, during the seventeenth century, Spanish invaders were repelled in some parts of SouthAmerica by the smoke from burning chilis.

In contemporary New Mexico,the core of a red bell pepper is still burned on a Friday night to prevent evil from harming humans.

Magical uses:
Though there are dozens of varieties, the most commonly seen in U.S. markets are jalapeno, cayenne, and “bell” peppers. Add any of these to diets designed to guard against negative energies. Chile rellenos, stuffed (vegetarian or otherwise) peppers, and jalapeno jelly are three examples of protective foods.

By the way, all peppers (except black pepper) are members of the same family. If you don’t like extremely hot peppers, try the milder pepperoni (theones served in Italian restaurants), a dash of cayenne, pimento, or the sweet,firmly fleshed bell peppers in your magical protective diet.