Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch: Tortilla

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Energies: Spirituality, protection


Tortillas are a standard Mexican food. They are still made in the same way as they were during Aztec times. Round, containing sacred corn, tortillas are an indispensable part of the Latino diet. The Huichols of Mexico also offer tortillas to their deities. Tortillas made of yellow corn are believed to be more satisfying and to give more energy to the body than those of other colours.

Magical uses:

Corn tortillas are best. Wheat tortillas, which were first made in northern Mexico, simply don’t have the same symbolism or energies as corn
tortillas. If you buy tortillas prepackaged, check the label. Choose only those that contain no artificial preservatives. They can be made at home or, in many U.S. towns, can be purchased at tortillerias.

Warm tortillas, with butter or cheese, are wonderful foods at any time, but are particularly satisfying after intense magical workings. They instantly nourish the body and refuel it. Round tortillas can also be added to spirituality diets. Warmed and spread with garlic butter, corn tortillas are a delicious part of a protective diet.

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