Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch: Vegetarianism 1.2

Another rationale for vegetarianism seems to be that meat is a poison. It’s true that much of the meat eaten today in the United States is injected with growth hormones and is too fatty for sustaining good health. But meat isn’t poison. If itwas, the entire world’s population would have died out thousands of years ago. As members of a largely affluent society, many of us eat too much meat; but this dietary imbalance can be quickly corrected and need not preclude the ingestion of all meat.

Spirituality is the other major reason for following a strictly vegetarian diet. Some believe that if they eat meat, they’re no higher than the animals that do the same thing. Therefore, they feel, they’ll never receive true enlightenment. Many vegetarians are also following spiritual teachings or a religion that forbids eating meat.

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