Love Magick / Spells

Love spells

Many people’s first thought in this context is of
love spells – ways of making another person
find them sexually attractive and desirable. In
theory, love spells should be unconditional and
this type should be entirely unselfish and free
from self-interest. However, most of the time
they obviously cannot be so, unless they are
performed by a third party, someone outside
the longed-for relationship who is totally
To try to influence someone else directly may
well go against the ethics of many practitioners

and magicians, though such spells do tend to be
the stock-in-trade of many Eastern practitioners.
Anyone who wishes to experiment with love
spells needs to be aware that such spells come
under the category of bidding spells and
therefore must be used carefully. Love spells are
often accompanied by gifts or love philtres, which
are also meant to have an effect on the recipient.

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