Crystals & Stones

Preparing a crystal circle

If you wish to use stones and crystals when
laying out your circle or sacred space, you can
use a mixture of both. You might mark each
quarter with a large stone, particularly if you
are outside, and then place other appropriate
stones on top. Even if you use candles to mark
the four quarters of the circle, you could
surround or circle each candle with any or all of
the following gems, either rough or polished:
North: moss agate, emerald, jet,
olivine, salt, black tourmaline
East: imperial topaz, citrine, mica,
South: amber, obsidian, rhodochrosite,
ruby, lava, garnet
West: aquamarine, chalcedony, jade,
lapis lazuli, moonstone,
Over time, gather a number of appropriate
stones together. Beginning and ending in the

north, lay out 7, 9, 21 or 40 stones of any size to
define your circle. (These are magical numbers
and will enhance the power, so always bear in
mind the purpose of your circle.) If you
normally use ribbon or cord to mark out your
circle, your stones can be placed either inside
the cord or ribbon or in place of it.
If the magical working to be conducted within
the circle is sending the power outwards, place
any crystal with definite points facing outward.
If the magic is of a protective nature, place them
with points facing inward.
Use your good sense when constructing your
circle. If it is outdoors, somewhere you use
often and think of as your sacred space, you
may wish to leave the larger stones in position
and carry the smaller gems with you. This way,
no matter where you are, you can mark out a
circle with the small stones and have available
the power and energy of the larger space
available to you.

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