Tree Magick


Oak is such an all-purpose tree, providing food,
shelter and spiritual regeneration, that it is
considered sacred by just about every culture

that has encountered it. The oak was the ‘King
of Trees’ and Druids and Priestesses ‘listened’
to the tree and its inhabitants to acquire
wisdom. Acorns gathered at night hold the
greatest fertility powers and oak galls, also
known as Serpent Eggs, are sometimes used in
magical charms.
The oak has the propensity to help you to find
new understanding. This brings strength and
courage in adversity. The oak tree nourishes our
faith in ourselves and enables us to aim for what
we most desire. Wands made from an oak which
has been struck by lightning are considered to be
particularly powerful; first since lightning does
not strike twice in the same place and secondly,
because the wand is empowered by the blast of
energy. When you burn oak leaves, the smoke
purifies the atmosphere lending strength,
success and stability to your magic.

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