Pentacle Tarot

● Ace- material gains, growth, happiness; (R) immobility, empty wealth
● King- sensible, worldliness, manifest ideas; (R) inability, corrupt
● Queen- stability, culture, plans become reality; (R) neglect, delays
● Prince (Knight)- mature, responsible, implementation; (R) reckless, no gains
● Princess (Knave)- completion, study; (R) dissipation of energy, unrealistic
● 10- prosperity, stability, joy; (R) worries, changes, disruption
● 9- accomplishment comfort, growth; (R) health cares, growth halted
● 8- increase by personal effort; (R) unambitious, vain, untrusting
● 7- gain by perseverance, goal achieved; (R) lack of achievement
● 6- gratificatoin, wealth, sincerity, balance; (R) avarice, illness
● 5- loneliness, worries lessen by understanding; (R) relief, courage
● 4- endurance,security, materialism; (R) losses, fortunes reversed
● 3- work rewarded, goods acquired, pregnancy; (R) indifference, greed
● 2- effort for balance, energy to gain goals; (R) news, weakness

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