Planetary Magick

Planetary Days And Their Applications: Mars

Tuesday, the day of Mars, is good for spells for courage, taking the initiative at home, independence and separateness from others, and change.

It also represents aggression, competitiveness, and anger, all qualities that can be used positively for altruistic purpose, for example, standing out against injustice and protecting the vulnerable and loved ones under threat.

This is the lifeblood planet and so can be used to overcome seemingly impossible odds, to defeat the opposition, to survive and thrive.

It is also for physical health and vitality and so its rituals are always dynamic.

Mars rules passion and the consummation of love. Like Fire magick, the energy of Mars is very powerful and so spells should always be for positive purpose and with a circle that can afterward be closed down.

Mars was the Roman Warrior God, and the legendary father of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

As god of both agriculture and war, he represented the ideal Roman, first as a farmer and then as a conqueror and so the agricultural Fire festivals are linked with his power.

He is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Ares and the Viking Tyr, the altruistic Warrior God who sacrificed his sword arm to save the other deities (the word Tuesday derives from his name).

The hour of Mars is especially good for psychic self-defense and for courage in a crisis.

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