Planetary Magick

Planetary Days And Their Applications

The Sun Sunday, the day of the Sun, is for spells for personal fulfilment and ambition, power and success, for increasing the flow of the life force, asserting or strengthening your identity and individuality, and for innovation of all kinds and new beginnings.

It is potent also for energy, joy, health prosperity, spiritual awareness, self-confidence, for bringing wealth and prosperity if there is poverty and failure, for breaking a run of bad luck, and for all matters concerning fathers.

Though there are powerful Sun goddesses, the Sun’s focus is mainly male/animus/ yang in both men and women.

Sun hour spells bring a surge of energy and vitality and so are excellent for personal empowerment and renewal.

Element: Fire

Colour: Gold

Crystals: Amber, carnelian, diamond, clear crystal quartz, tiger’s eye, topaz

Incenses: Cloves, cinnamon, frankincense Trees: Bay, birch, laurel Herbs and oils: Juniper, rosemary, saffron, St John’s wort Metal: Gold

The Sun rules Leo, 23 July-23 August, and is most powerful for those born under this sign.


The Moon

Monday, the day of the Moon, is for spells concerning the home, family matters and the influence of the,family, especially the mother, children and animals.

Its prime focus is fertility and all the ebbs and flows of the human body, mind and psyche.

It is also potent for protection, especially while travelling, for psychic development, clairvoyance, secrets and meaningful dreams, all sea and garden rituals and for herb magick and healing.

Although there are Moon Gods, lunar energies are primarily yin/female/anima in both men and women.

Moon hour spells are good for bringing unconscious powers to the fore and thus also for gaining magical insights and for bringing wishes into actuality.

Element: Water

Colour: Silver or white (although some magical traditions that use the Triple Goddess in ritual dress show the Maiden in white, the Mother in red and the Crone in black)

Crystals: Moonstone, mother of pearl, pearl, selenite, opal

Incenses: Jasmine, myrrh, mimosa Trees: Willow, alder

Herbs and oils: Chamomile, lotus, poppy, wintergreen

Metal: Silver

The Moon rules Cancer, 22 June-22 July, and its spells are particularly potent during that period and for all who are born under Cancer.



Tuesday, the day of Mars, is good for spells for courage, taking the initiative at home, independence and separateness from others, and change.

It also represents aggression, competitiveness and anger, all qualities that can be used positively for altruistic purpose, for example, standing out against injustice and protecting the vulnerable and loved ones under threat.

This is the lifeblood planet and so can be used to overcome seemingly impossible odds, to defeat opposition, to survive and thrive.

It is also for physical health and vitality and so its rituals are always dynamic.

Mars rules passion and the consummation of love. Like Fire magick, the energy of Mars is very powerful and so spells should always be for positive purpose and with a circle that can afterwards be closed down.

Mars was the Roman Warrior God, and the legendary father of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

As god of both agriculture and war, he represented the ideal Roman, first as a farmer and then as a conqueror and so the agricultural Fire festivals are linked with his power.

He is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Ares and the Viking Tyr, the altruistic Warrior God who sacrificed his sword arm to save the other deities (the word Tuesday derives from his name).

The hour of Mars is especially good for psychic self-defence and for courage in a crisis.

Element: Fire

Colour: Red

Crystals: Garnet, bloodstone, ruby, jasper

Incenses: Dragon’s blood, ginger, mint, thyme

Trees: Cypress, holly, pine

Herbs and oils: Basil, coriander, garlic, pepper, tarragon

Metal: Iron or steel

Mars rules Aries, March-20 April, and is the co-ruler of Scorpio, 24 October-22 November.

In magick, it is most potent during these two Sun sign periods and for those born under Aries and Scorpio.


Wednesday, the day of Mercury, is good for spells to assist money-making ventures, for clear communication, persuasion, adaptability and versatility, for improving memory and sharpening logic, for learning, examinations and tests, for mastering new technology, for short-distance or brief breaks, and for conventional methods of healing, especially surgery.

It is also potent for business negotiations, overcoming debts, repelling envy, malice and spite and those who would deceive.

For this reason, Mercury spells must always be used with honest intent.

Wednesday is also traditionally associated with divination.

Mercury, the planet nearest the Sun, completes its orbit in only 88 days and so is named after the fleet-footed messenger god who, like his Greek predecessor, Hermes, carried the healing caduceus.

He is also linked with the Anglo-Saxon god, Woden, after whom Wednesday is named.

Mercury hour spells are good for finding a quick way out of difficulties and for melting rigid opinions in others.

Element: Air

Colour: Yellow

Crystals: Agate, citrine, falcon’s eye, jasper, malachite, onyx

Incenses: Lavender, lemongrass, mace Trees: Hazel, ash

Herbs and oils: Dill, fennel, parsley, valerian

Mercury rules Gemini, 22 May-21 June, and also Virgo, 24 August-22 September.

In magick it is most potent during those periods and particularly so for those born under Gemini and Virgo.


Thursday, the day of Jupiter, is good for all forms of increase and expansion, whether improving fortune or career prospects or bringing promotion, power, ambition and joy through fulfilment of objectives. Jupiter’s influence may be personal or more usually socially orientated; it is also potent for leadership, for conscious wisdom, creativity, for extending one’s influence in the wider world, for idealism, matters of justice and the law, authority and altruism. Jupiter increases what already exists, so can bring greater prosperity and abundance or success and good fortune. It rules marriage, permanent relationships (both business and personal), fidelity, loyalty and male potency in both the human and animal kingdom. Ironically, Jupiter can lead to excesses, including greed, addictions and obsessions, so it can also be used for banishing these. Jupiter, known as the Sky Father, was the supreme Roman god, ruler of the universe. Like Zeus, his Greek counterpart, Jupiter controlled the thunderbolts, which were carried by his eagle, the noblest of the birds. However, he ruled not despotically, but as the chief of a triumvirate of gods: the other two were Juno, his consort, and Minerva, goddess of wisdom, who made up the feminine principle of deeper, more instinctual wisdom. Use the hour of Jupiter to profit from an opportunity to upgrade your life. Element: Air Colour: Blue/purple Crystals: Azurite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise Incenses: Agrimony, cedar, sandalwood, sage Trees: Beech, oak Herbs and oils: Borage, cinquefoil, coltsfoot, hyssop, mistletoe Metal: Tin Jupiter rules Sagittarius, 23 November-21 December, and is co-ruler of Pisces, 19 February-20 March. Jupiter spells are therefore especially potent in the period of Sagittarius and Pisces and at all times to those born under these Sun signs.


Friday, the day of Venus, is associated with love and all forms of love magick, especially to attract love. Because Venus rules harmony and peace, however, if the success of a love spell depends on ruining another person’s happiness and security, it tends not to work without repercussions on the spell-caster. Venus is also invoked for beauty, the arts, crafts and music, relationships, friendships, blossoming sexuality, the acquisition of beautiful possessions and the slow but sure growth of prosperity, for Venus rules all matters of growth. Like the Moon, she can be invoked for horticulture and the environment; because she can be associated with excesses of unwise love and romance, spells can be created in her name to reduce the influence of destructive lovers and possessiveness. Also like the Moon, the spells of Venus are potent for fertility and for matters of women’s health. Venus is sometimes known as the morning or evening star and at her brightest she is the most brilliant object in the sky besides the Sun and Moon. For this reason, in many cultures she took the name of the goddess of beauty. She was Ishtar to the Babylonians, Aphrodite to the Greeks and her Viking counterparts are the goddess Frigg, the Mother Goddess, and Freyja, maiden goddess of beauty and love, after one or both of whom Friday is named. Spells at the hour of Venus are especially good for new love and the growth of self-love, for if we do not love ourselves we cannot love others creatively. Element: Earth Colour: Green, pink Crystals: Amethyst, emerald, jade, moss agate, rose quartz Incenses: Geranium, rose, strawberry, vervain Trees: Almond, apple, birch Herbs and oils: Feverfew, mugwort, pennyroyal, verbena, yarrow Metal: Copper Venus rules Taurus, 21 April-21 May, and also Libra, 23 September-23 October. Venus spells are especially potent during these Sun sign periods and for those born under Taurus and Libra.


Saturday, the day of Saturn, is potent for spells concerned with unfinished business, and with endings that lead to beginnings. It is therefore a good day for all slow-moving matters and for accepting limitations, as well as for overcoming obstacles that are long-standing or need careful handling. It also aids lifting depression or doubts, meditation, long-term psychic protection, locating lost objects, animals and people and regaining self-control whether over bad habits or emotions. It is also the planet of mystical experiences and of exploring the unconscious depths of the individual and collective psyche and for pastlife work. Saturn can be used to slow down the outward flow of money and to encourage repayment by those who owe you favours or money. It helps banish pain and illness and brings acceptance of what cannot be changed. Saturn is the shadow side of Jupiter, and offers the reality factor, the constraints of fate, time and space, but also turns challenge into opportunity, effort and perseverance. He represents the joy of Jupiter tempered by experience, the expansiveness of Jupiter held in check by caution. Saturn was the Roman form of Cronus, Greek god of time, who was deposed by his son Jupiter, after he had refused to allow natural change and progression. But even this led to joy, because Saturn was sent to Italy where he taught the farmers agriculture and engineering and he established a Golden Age of peace and plenty. Saturn hours are especially good for bringing patience and for dealing with long-terms obstacles and difficulties. Element: Earth Colour: Black/grey Crystals: Haematite, jet, lodestone, obsidian, smoky quartz Incenses: Aconite, cypress, patchouli Trees: Blackthorn, yew Herbs and oils: Aspen, bistort, comfrey, horsetail, Solomon’s seal Metal: Lead or pewter Saturn rules Capricorn, 22 December-20 January, and is co-ruler of Aquarius, 21 January-18 February. These Sun periods are most potent for Saturn spells and for those born under these signs at all times.

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